How to style loungewear after lockdown

Loungewear isn’t just for lockdown, it’s for life…

Written by Liv Grady

February 25, 2021

girl wearing loungewear

After almost a year of lockdown and restrictions, it’s safe to say that we have all built up an extensive loungewear collection. Our wardrobes are completely different than they were this time last year, endless pairs of joggers, comfy sweatshirts, leggings and jumper dresses, because when it comes to lockdown attire, comfort comes first. Now that the end is in sight, with restrictions lifting, starting on 8th of March, we are slowly looking towards all the social events of Summer. Do not fear, you don’t have to go back to jeans just yet. You can easily work your comfy clothes into your post-quarantine outfits. Take a look at our top tips for styling loungewear once lockdown is over.

How to style loungewear for every eventuality

The ‘brunching’ loungewear look

Joggers are the ultimate brunching solution. Comfy trousers= all the egg and avo you can eat. Add a cute lil top and a pair of barely-there’s for a dressy update to your lowkey outfit.

girl wearing loungewear with mesh top

How to style loungewear for a date night

Joggers don’t have to mean jersey. Add a cool-girl edge to your date night drinks, with faux leather and a contrasting dressy corset top.

how to style loungewear white top and leather joggers

The ‘night out’ loungewear

Turn an oversized sweatshirt and cycle shorts into a ‘drinks’ outfit by throwing on heel boots, jewellery and a statement bag. You wanna be comfy, even at the bar.

how to style loungewear girl wearing jumper dress and boots stood near lift

The ‘just grabbing coffee’ joggers

Take your daywear to the next level, with a smart over-sized trench coat. Throw on a hoody and leggings with chunky trainers, a long jacket and a mini backpack.


The ‘extra at all costs’ loungewear

Whether you’re meeting friends, nursing last night’s hangover or chilling with your partner, joggers are always the answer. What’s better than velour head to toe? Nothing. Go extra or go home.

girl wearing sean john loungewear

How to style loungewear 101

Just because lockdown is almost over, doesn’t mean our love affair with loungewear has to be over. Whether you are heading to the bar, grabbing coffee with friends or running errands, you can still work your favourite pair of joggers into your outfit.

Basically, to sum things up, joggers are suitable for every life eventuality. Find your perfect pair at Shop below.

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