Ibiza Styling 101 with Missguided Designer, Rohini

If you have been watching the Missguided documentary, you will have spotted a few of our designers and buyers on their annual Ibiza trip.

Each year a team of Missguided’s finest will head out to Ibiza to see what the biggest swimwear trends are. They scout out all the cool-girls to take photos of them and use them as inspiration for the following year’s collection. This street style mission is essential when it comes to figuring out what you guys wanna buy, post on Instagram and take with you on holiday.

Rohini, Natalie and Shelley spent one day and night in Ibiza and spent the whole time on the look out for insta-worthy outfits (well, most of the time, they managed to fit in a few G&Ts too).

We chatted to Rohini to find out how they come up with their new designs and why the trip is so important to designers and buyers.

Ibiza swimwear Inspo with Rohini

We also have a few BTS photos of the team on their trip…

Shelley and Rohini Ibiza
Shelley and Rohini in Ibiza
Ibiza Inside Missguided episdode 2
Rohini and Shelley in Ibiza
Rohini in Ibiza
Natalie Ibiza
Natalie in Ibiza

What do you look for when you are getting swimwear inspiration?

The main thing for me when looking at swimwear inspo is shape, print & colour. It’s also always great to see new fabrics and textures on bikini’s and cover ups.

Why was Ibiza the place to go for inspo?

 Ibiza has always been one of the most popular party destinations where beach parties are the main event so there is always a lot of swim and cover ups that are styled in a high fashion way rather than just practical swimwear – let’s face it no one is swimming lengths at Ocean Club!   

How do you ensure last year’s styles are relevant for next year’s ranges? 

When we are planning our upcoming ranges one of the first things we always do is make sure we update colours and prints in styles we know our customer loves! We also look at the newest trim details which could be a new strap, a buckle or even a belt to add onto our shapes. 

What are the three most important things to take into account when buying swimwear?

I think the most important thing is how it fit’s on the body, this is why we launched a swimwear fit guide at the start of the season to allow girls of all different shapes and sizes to shop our ranges!

What is your fave swimwear piece on site now and why? 

I love all the bright coloured crinkle one pieces, they are super flattering and all look amazing with our oversized beach shirts!

Take a look at Rohini’s fave pieces…