Stylist Career Profile: Zoe Costello

Meet Zoe.

She’s the UK born stylist and contributing Fashion Editor to Flaunt Magazine currently killing it in the industry. Based in LA, she’s behind one of the best-dressed hip-hop groups in the world, having styled trio Migos from The Met Gala to performances on live TV, she’s our current girl crush and one to watch…

zoe costello stylist

How did you get your start as a stylist?

When I first moved over to the US, I had recently graduated from BA Women’s Fashion Design at LCF in London.

The first year of being in the US, I was waiting for my Visa to get sorted so I decided to keep busy and do some internships – was also a great way to meet people.

I ended up meeting a really awesome photographer who suggested I style some shoots for him.  I have always had a very clear idea of what I like and what kind of girl or guy I would want to wear my designs, therefore I felt like this would translate into styling, it just wouldn’t be my clothing and someone else!

Long story short, I developed a real love for styling, I realised I wanted to really pursue this. So I ended up making my own website, sending it to photographers that I felt had a similar taste and hustled and worked hard on each shoot. I assisted some stylists out here such as Alison Edmond but put a lot of time into developing my own business. When I know what I want I’m pretty focused and I make it happen.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to get into styling?

Really find out who you are and what is your point of view. For me, styling isn’t just for the girls or guys that can dress well, it’s really artistic expression and when I look at a great stylist’s work, the way they put things together and see things, I feel like I learn about them and who they are.

How did you and Migos start working together?

I first started working with Migos on a Billboard cover shoot!  I knew I was going to like them, I did a bit of research before on their style and look as I do with any artist before I work with them. They all have their own unique look and personality which I could play off with the clothing.

For Billboard, the photographer had an amazing idea to shoot Migos on horses at a ranch and managed to get some really beautiful shots as the sun was going down. I remember being there thinking this is so random, stacks of cash in a haystack, Quavo holding chickens, and horses running around.

migos met gala

Describe their group style in three words…

Eclectic, iconic, unique

What’s been the best part about styling the 3 guys?

I love styling a group especially Migos! I think it’s so powerful and strong when they have an element that’s cohesive but still have their own personality coming through in a look.

For example, when I styled them for Jimmy Fallon and the creative was to bring the t-shirt video to life. I researched hard and found some amazing pastel furs which felt really elevated and luxe. Then, underneath I styled them in looks that fitted their own vibe, so when they performed they could pop the jacket and show a bit of their underneath look. I love playing around in performance and having little surprises – keeps it interesting and fun!

Proudest style moment to date?

The TFW Gucci shoot, which I styled for their beautiful watches.

Top 3 pieces the Missguided girl needs in her wardrobe now? 

Every girl needs a leather jacket in her wardrobe! I adore this Silver Faux one! I love metallics – super rock and roll and badass!

missguided silver pu biker jacket

I’m very inspired by Michael Jackson. I loved the moment where he wore these incredible leather pants with buckles all down the side of them… So when I saw these shoes I was obsessed! Buckles are really trending so I’d get ahead of the game and get these sandals! 

missguided black western buckle block heel sandals

Every girl always needs a cute boot! These are my favourite! Love the clear heel – It’s so chic.

missguided black clear heeled pointed sock boot

What exciting projects are in the pipeline?

Sooo many exciting things coming up! But, unfortunately, they are top secret so you’ll have to follow my insta to find out @zoecostello.

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