Sexy Lingerie for every body type

Every body deserves to feel sexy…

Written by Georgia Chappell

February 4, 2021

Desperate to hop on the erotic lingerie train but don’t know what kind would best suit your shape? Billboards, certain brands and social media can make you believe that they are only made for one type of body. But at Missguided, we think that everyone woman deserves the right to feel sexy. So, keep reading to find sexy lingerie that’s perfect for you. Whether you are having an adult sleepover or just wanna feel sexy, here is a lingerie guide you actually need.

What is lingerie?

Lingerie are undergarments that highlight and enhances your best assets to make you feel empowered and sexy. So, whether you are wearing it under your clothes or for a hot date, shop our sexy lingerie at Missguided now.


rectangle shape body type

A rectangle body shape describes someone whose hips are the same width as their chest. So, it’s important to enhance your curves by going for bright sets and corsets to cinch in your waist and enhance your body.

hourglass shape body type

An hourglass body shape means your bust and hips are the same size with a smaller waist. So, go for high waisted knickers to allow your hips to breathe. Go for bold colours to enhance your best assets.

triangle shape body type

A triangle body shape basically means you’re bigger busted. Being full in the front has its perks until you go bra shopping and realise all you have to work with are beige and black supportive fits that aren’t very sexy. Don’t worry, we have our bigger busted bras at Missguided so you can feel sexy for Valentine’s Day.

pear shape body tipe

Pear shape body types can be described as having large hips with a smaller chest. It’s important to enhance your chest to balance out your body. Go with extremely high waisted knickers and padded bras for a sexy look.


It’s what underneath that counts. Check out our fave lingerie for different body types above or shop the full collection below. Discover fuller bust sizes, curve and petite. For more cool styling guides, style steals and cool sh*it , check back to Babezine for daily updates.