Introducing Playboy Active New Moves

Invest in versatile sportswear from Playboy, made with both workouts and casual moments in mind.

Written by Liv Grady

September 2, 2021

playboy active outfit

Discover our latest Playboy collection that combines high performance activewear with athleisure fashion. Find pieces that will take you from a lifting session, straight to a coffee date.

playboy activewear

playboy active – New moves collection

Team the collection with a puffer coat and trainers for those lowkey vibes or put them to the test on the treadmill.

Start scrolling to discover long sleeve slogan gym tops, Playboy leggings, cycling shorts and more.

playboy active
playboy active

The full range has been designed with mixing and matching in mind. Choose a base colour such as black or teal and build a full workout wardrobe to suit every type of exercise.

playboy active blue set
playboy active blue set

Discover flared fits and ruched detailing to give your activewear that extra spice.

turquoise playboy actve