Thanksgiving Approved Looks

*Entering feast mode*

Thanksgiving Outfit Coat Boots Leather Pants

If you’re getting ready for Thanksgiving, you’re probably wondering what to wear. We think it’s optimal to find a fit that’s insta ready, but can mould and change to your expanding waistline throughout the day. No stress, everyone’s thinking the exact same thing. Whether your Thanksgiving will be online or in-person this year, there is no harm in planning to wow the fam with your new Thanksgiving outfit. 

Whether your family tradition is to get all dressed up to eat your roast turkey and pumpkin pie, or you’re planning to sit around the fire, binge eating chocolates and watching the same Christmas films for the 15th time. You can wear whatever the hell you want. We have dropped some fire influencer-inspired outfits for your new favourite Thanksgiving outfit.

What are the best Thanksgiving outfits?

Here at Missguided, we advise that your Thanksgiving outfit is the perfect balance of comfort and style. For the ultimate relaxed but still ready to supply the feed vibes, grab a pair of sweats and pair with a bodysuit and your fave pair of white trainers for a relaxed vibe. Throw on an oversized coat and make sure to accessorise to the max with pendant necklaces, layered rings and diamond earrings to WOW the fam this fall season.

Thanksgiving outfits 101:

  • Loungewear sets are a must. If you’re feeling lazy, forget a fancy outfit all together and turn up in womens loungewear. Obvs, throw on a trending fall jacket to bring the look together. Say goodbye to those denim jeans that become just a bit too tight after the feast.
  • Don’t forget a large duffle bag for the all-important outfit changes. This is imperative if you’re planning on going all out on your Thanksgiving outfit. If you’re planning on wearing a bodycon dress and high heels for Thanksgiving, we guarantee that after the mashed potatoes and gravy you will wanna get changed ASAP. So make sure you pack an extra comfy outfit to actually relax this fall season.
  • Please bring skincare with you if you have sensitive skin (sorry to sound like your mum). All those greasy dinner roles and stuffing will wreak havoc on your skin if you’re a sensitive gal. So, check out our skincare that can be easily taken with you. That way, you can wife of the day and relax for the rest of the night.

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Thanksgiving outfits – Influencer inspo

Check Shacket Shorts Tights Missguided Thanksgiving Outfit
Leather Pants Leather Jacket Boots Missguided Thanksgiving Outfit
Brown Sweats Set White Crop Top Trainers Missguided Thanksgiving Outfit
White Fluffy Fall Coat Black Dress Missguided Thanksgiving Outfit

So there you have it, our fave picks and influencer styles for the best time of the year. Thanksgiving truly brings families together for some much needed social interaction. Whether you are throwing on a ruched dress to gather around your family dinner table or sitting in your loungewear and organising a meal over facetime. Use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be your best self for the holidays.