The Best Met Gala Outfits of all Time

The Met Gala 2020 may have been cancelled due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that the countless iconic outfits have been forgotten. To soothe your sorrows of missing out on this year’s Met Gala, we have rounded up some of our favourite looks from over the years. Get scrolling, for some serious red carpet realness.

Met Gala outfits over the years


Year: 2015

Theme: China: Through the Looking Glass

Our Queen turned out an ICONIC outfit for the 2015 Met Gala.

Rihanna met gala outfits

IMG: Photo- Taylor Hill_FilmMagic

Hayley Bieber

Year: 2019

Theme: Camp: Notes on Fashion

This bubblegum pink dress makes us feel certain ways.

Hayley Bieber pink dress

IMG: Karwai-Tang Getty-Images

Cara Delevingne

Year: 2017

Theme: Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons

If anyone can pull off a silver bald cap and look fire, it’s Cara Delevigne.

Cara Delevigne 2017 met gala outfit

Photo- Karwai Tang:WireImage

Arianna Grande

Year: 2018

Theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

In true Ariana style, this dress is enough to put any Disney princess to shame.

Arianna grande met gala outfit

IMG- Jackson Lee:Getty Images.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Year: 2014

Theme: Charles James: Beyond Fashion

SJP knows how to turn out a red carpet look. Every year, she just gets better.

SJP 2014 dress


Miley Cyrus

Year: 2013

Theme: Punk: Chaos to Couture

Miley knows how to get people talking and this outfit was probably the most tweeted about of the whole 2013 event.

Miley Cyrus met gala iconic outfit

IMG: getty images

Billie Porter

Year: 2019

Theme: Camp: Notes on Fashion

The theme ‘Camp’ was basically made for Billie Porter.

Billie Porter Met Gala Outfit 2019

IMG- Mike Copolla Getty Images

Harry Styles

Year: 2019

Theme: Camp: Notes on Fashion

Was this the turning point for Harry’s iconic androgynous style?

Harry Styles outfit camp 2019

IMG- Getty

Jared Leto

Year: 2019

Theme: Camp: Notes on Fashion

I mean, he carried his own head on the red carpet. Need we say more?

Jared Leto met gala look

IMG- Getty

Cardi B

Year: 2019

Theme: Camp: Notes on Fashion

Just when we thought Cardi B couldn’t get more extra.

Cardi B met gala outfit

IMG- Getty

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