Trend predictions for 2021

Lets just skip to next year

light blue corset top trend predictions 2021 Missguided

We know, we can’t quite believe it either. This year is coming to an end and we’re beginning to plan our wardrobe around next years trends. With 2021 fast approaching, its time to sort through your wardrobe and throw away all the items you haven’t worn. Let’s face it, unless its loungewear, we haven’t worn much else this year. That’s why we have created our trend predictions for 2021 to get ahead of the fashion curve early.

From oversized blazer jacket to pastel and turquoise tones, headscarf’s and of course facemasks. Find out next year’s latest trends here first, so you can get ready for the new year in style. Here are our trend predictions for 2021. You can always count on Missguided to help you with the new season scaries.

How do you keep up with fashion trends?

If you are just starting out on your fashion journey. Make sure you start with building up the basics such as a black bodysuit, black and blue denim jeans, white trainers, black boots, an oversized leather jacket and so on. Once you have your staples, you can begin transitioning accessories and clothing that catches your fancy throughout the seasonal trends.

What are the latest fashion trends?

The ’90s have been in full swing all 2020 and we predict this to carry over into 2021. From hair curlers to head scarfs and wide-leg trousers. We’re sure if you watch 10 Things I hate About You which came out in the ’90s, the fashion would be extremely similar to the latest trends this year. So, make sure you are keeping an eye on this trend because it’s not going anywhere.

2021 trend predictions

Oversized sholder pad boyfriend jackets

padded shoulder blazer jacket missguided 2021 trend predictions

A long line silhouette will be seriously in trend in 2021. Ramping up the 90’s aesthetic, this boyfriend blazer plays with solder pads while giving you a cinched waist. Grab a pair of straight-leg trousers for a modern vibe. This piece can easily be dressed up or down for a day to night look.

Pastel tones

blue pastel maxi coat missguided 2021 trend predictions

Get ready for pastels to be a big hit in 2021. These sorbet-inspired colours are perfect for spring/summer and go with literally all skin tones. Whether you are injecting some colour into your accessories or full wardrobe. Pastels can elevate your aesthetic. Pair a pastel maxi coat with cigarette trousers and a knitted jumper for a chic style.

White knee-high boots

hailey beiber white knee high boots missguided 2021 trend predictions

We’re throwing it right back to the ’60s with gogo inspired white knee-high boots. This look is a chic way to Uphall your outfit. White knee-high boots can make any outfit look luxe no matter what you’re wearing. Pair with an oversized jacket and graphic t-shirt dress for a casual and slouchy style.

A pop of blue

blue crop top mini bag jeans missguided 2021 trend predictions

If you wanna catch the latest trends of 2021 on a budget, then this section is for you. Add a pop of turquoise blue to your monochrome outfit to completely upgrade your fit. This gives you a crazy amount of options with just one outfit. Grab an all-black bodysuit and wide-leg jeans and pair with a blue mini bag and blue high heels to level up your outfit.

Oversized jeans

oversized wide leg ripped blue jeans missguided 2021 trend predictions

Some people are joggers gals for life. We completely get it, but how can you deny a good pair of denim jeans? Get the best of both worlds in our oversized wide-leg jeans that will not only look amazing in 2021, but will actually be comfortable. Pair with an oversized trench coat, a white shirt and a chunky belt and you’re good to go. Don’t forget about grabbing a pair of sexy heels to finish the look.

So there you have it, our 2021 trend predictions are locked in. That only means one thing, its time to get shopping. Stock up our 2021 trend predictions now before they are all gone. It’s safe to say this year has been utter crap. So, treat yourself with a new year wardrobe for the new year. We reckon you’ve earned it. If you’re still focused on Christmas this year, check out our dresses for winter 2020 we reckon you will love for party season.