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To some, vinyl has always been treacherous territory – if it’s overkill you could look like something out of The Matrix and if it’s done just right then you’ll look like you’re radiating some serious raw sex appeal.  

We’re going out in full force when it comes to this trend that’s set to be massive for autumn and winter.  Keep to classic black or dabble in different colours like red, nude,  or pink. PVC, high shine, latex or shiny faux leather, whatever you want to call it, the vinyl trend is happening, babes – stay calm. Here’s the lowdown on all things hi-shine.

Back to black

missguided black vinyl

The classic vinyl. Reserved for bad gals only, this black colourway is a mix of going bold and keeping it safe. Try black vinyl in small doses – look to mini skirts, vinyl heels and bralets to fuel the trend. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous like Bella, go all out and look fire like the qween you are.

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Candy pink

missguided pink vinyl

Pretty in pink, but with an edge. Bubblegum pink needs to be everyone’s favourite. It’s not as out there as black vinyl but still makes an impact. Team with lighter coloured separates for an evening look or clash with darker colours for an all-round boss look.

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Killer red

missguided red vinyl

Turn up the temperature in red vinyl. We’re starting to see burgundy hues filter through for the new season and you can never go wrong with crimson red shades. Try out high shine mini skirts or look to vinyl boots to kick off any outfit for the new season. 

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Go nude

missguided nude vinyl

Don’t want anything too daring but still want to invest in the trend? Get covered in nude. Opt for versatile and covetable pieces like midi skirts and bodysuits to dress up or down when you fancy. It’s the subtle colourway when you want to get high on shine without eyes all on you.

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