What to wear to a wedding 101

Wedding season has arrived

Written by Liv Grady

April 30, 2021

Wedding season is upon us. It’s safe to say that everyone wants to look their best whether you’re part of the bridal party or just a guest. But remember, don’t upstage the bride and whatever you do, DON’T wear white. If you’ve got a friends or family memebers wedding coming up, don’t worry. We have you covered at Missguided with our range of wedding dresses. Keep reading to find out more.

Wedding season attire you need

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mini dresses


tailored suits

midi dresses

heels you can keep on all day

Whether you are a bridesmaid, bridal party or guest, shop up in serious style for your spring wedding. But remember, the bride comes first. No white obvs. Check out some more of our fave below or click the link above for more wedding options.