Apparently skinny jeans have been cancelled….

Discover what to wear instead

Written by Liv Grady

March 27, 2021

What to wear instead of skinny jeans

According to TikTok, skinny jeans are officially out, so the question is, what do we replace them with? Cancel culture is going hard, and it is taking no prisoners, including our beloved skinny jeans. Over the years we have become dependent on the trusty black skinnies, because they literally go with everything. Now that the Gen Zs have decided they are no longer cool, it’s time to work a few replacements into our wardrobe.

First the laughing crying emoji was deemed tragic, closely followed by the side parting, now it is time to also ditch the spray on jeans and opt for something a little less figure hugging. Take a look at our easy guide to find our what to wear instead of skinny jeans.

Skinnies have been on their way out for a while, so until they make their inevitable comeback, discover some easy swaps to ensure that you are making the most out of your post-lockdown wardrobe.

Faux leather trousers

You can make a direct wardrobe swap from skinny jeans to skinny leather trousers. These handy wardrobe essentials can be styles in the exact same way as your usual jeans, but provide a bit of a fashion girl edge. Opt for the classic skinny style, or choose straight leg leather trousers to mix it up.

Faux leather trousers


From legging flares to leather or bold patterns, they are the perfect way to get your skinny fix. Enjoy all the flattering benefits of a fitted trouser around your middle and bum, but with an extra dressy detail of a kick flare shape around your shoes. If you want to show off your shoes, try opting for a split hem flare instead.

Girl wearing leather flares and puffer

Wide leg jeans

We don’t need to ditch the denim just yet. Swap your skinnies for a pair of wide leg jeans. They are easier to style than you think. Team with a crop top, baggy tee or shirt tucked in. Add a pair of chunky trainers or boots and you’re good to go. Want some outfit inspo? Discover our favourite tops to wear with baggy jeans.

How to find your jeans length girl walking in blue jeans
baggy jeans

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