Winter boots and shoes you need ASAP

2020’s fave trends

Winter boots on grey background

If you ever needed an excuse to upgrade your shoe-drobe, then this is it. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite winter boots and shoes trends in one place. Forget Pinterest, we’ve got all the inspo you’ve been scrolling for in one place.

Whilst we are trapped at home in lockdown, there is no better time to refresh your wardrobe. Sort through your wardrobe and be brutal. Throw out the shoes you no longer need and treat yourself to something new. Whether you’re after a pair of winter boots that go with everything, or a pair of statement shoes to add to the collection, we’ve got you covered.

It’s time to ditch the same old trainers that you always slip on to go to the shop, or those socks and sandals you wear to take out the bins, because they aren’t bringing you any joy.

We’ve rounded up the definitive top trends for winter boots and shoes for the year.

Winter boots and shoe trends for Winter 2020

Green boots taken in the mirror with reflection

Thick sole boots

Not only are they comfy and practical, but thick sole boots are EVERYWHERE this season. From off-duty models, to high-end fashion, everyone is ditching the basic boot and opting for something chunky.

Square toe

Say goodbye to pointy boots or rounded toes, this year we are HERE for the square toe trend. Inject a little bit of 70s into every outfit with women’s square toe heel boots.

Monochromatic shoes

In case you haven’t noticed already, monochrome boots are the new thing. To put it in simple terms, these are shoes that are all one colour. You’ve seen them in black, but it’s time to opt for something a little different, such as green or stone.

Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are a wardrobe essential that INSTANTLY give us longer looking legs. Opt for an Ari vibe with an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie dress or choose something a little more high-key.