4 Zoom interview approved outfits to empower you

charge your bad b energy…

Written by Georgia Chappell

February 8, 2021

missguided zoom call outfits black blazer tan leather trousers pony tail

We’ve all been there. Professional and chic shirt on top, 3-day old pyjamas on the bottom. We don’t blame you. It’s easy to think ‘what the point of dressing up right now?’ But if you arent doing it for fashion, do it for your mental health. Dressing up can really improve your outlook on life which is super important right now. If you have the dreaded zoom call scaries, check out some of our fave outfits to make you feel like a boss for your next Zoom interview.

How to feel empowered?

Wanna charge your boss b energy? Start off with dressing yourself for the job you want. Keep reading to find out more.

How to prep for a zoom interview?

The first step should be ensuring that you look and feel your best. Check out our fave fits for zoom below.

zoom interview approved outfits

zoom interview bed blanket over head watching laptop missguided

classic with a twist

Switch it up from the boring turtleneck and go with a brown outfit theme, pair with brown faux leather trousers and matching white trainers for a zoom chic look.

Who says basic has to be boring?

knitted sweater vests have been trending for a while now. Switch it up from boring beige to over the top orange. Throw over a plain white tee and slip into some black tailored trousers for the perfect juxtaposition between casual and official.

sarah ashcroft x missguided casuals

Our new Sarah Ashcroft x Missguided collect has just dropped, filled with all things casuals. Pair the wide-leg grey joggers with a matching grey crop top along with a black oversized blazer for a comfortable but put together fit.

dress to impress

For the fashion on top and the comfort on the bottom, go with a silk shirt, gold earrings, a fresh full face and cosy cream joggers to complete the look.

don’t stress, treat yourself to a new outfit, perfect for your zoom interview. As long as you have prepped, done your research and put your best step forward, you will smash it. If you wanna find out how to prep for a zoom interview, read this article. Maybe its time you stepped up your makeup game for a new you? Check out our faves from Missguided beauty or shop the full collection.