Home Workouts For Pregnancy

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We’ve picked some of our favourite youtube maternity workouts for pregnant mamas to be to keep you and baby fit and healthy. With the black hole of lockdown p.2 just starting, you might not be able to hit up the prenatal workout classes, but a home workout allows you to try new things to benefit your pregnancy in the comfort of your own home, without all the gym anxiety.  

Before attempting any workouts, please make sure to discuss which options are suitable for you and your baby with your doctor.

Home workout videos for pregnancy

We have only picked one video from each YouTube channel, but if you fall in love with a trainers technique, make sure you click through to scroll other workouts that can benefit you and baba to be.

Bodyweight workout

This home workout video is perfect for 1st, 2nd and 3rd-trimester girls and is super gentle due to the workout using your bodyweight alone to stretch those muscles. All you need is a matt. Our maternity leggings and sports maternity bra are the perfect workout accessory to keep you lifted and supported.

Low impact HIIT workout

This is a full-body, low impact HIIT video that you can do without any equipment. Not only is it a no jumping cardio workout, but its also a full-body burn and is under 15 minutes! There’s no excuse not to try this one mamas. Our oversized maternity hoodie perfect for an easy breezy workout.

Arm & back pregnancy workout

Lots of women expecting state that the first place they see weight gain is their arms and back. This workout is perfect and safe to combat this to lose fat and gain lean muscle while supporting your baby’s health. Pair our oversized maternity joggers with our crop maternity hoodie for the ultimate comfort.

Dumbell leg workout

Everyone knows that leg day is the absolute worst day of the week. But with the beautiful gift of pregnancy, comes the not so beautiful gift of fluctuations in weight gain and an ever-changing body for 9 months. So, it’s important to strengthen your legs to support. All you need is a set of dumbbells and you’re good to go! Pick up our maternity gym top and gym shorts to avoid working up a sweat.

Maternity workout gear

Who doesn’t love a new set of gym wear? Our maternity workout clothes are designed to support baby and changing body and provides comfort for those growing aches and pains. So whether you’re trying one of our maternity home workouts, or making a trip down to the shops, do it in style with our maternity workout range.