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Find the perfect Christmas gifts using star signs

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Its Christmas season gals. Its that time of year to start thinking about getting your Christmas presents stocked up for the friends and family. Its safe to say we’ve all got someone a gift before that we both know is utter crap, leading to a very awkward unwrapping experience. Maybe the stars will help us figure out exactly what would be best for all of our friends and family.

It’s so important to spread the love this Christmas. After the year we have had, its pretty understandable for families not to focus on giving extravagant gifts this year. Head to Missguided to find inexpensive but attractive gifts that everyone will love. So, keep reading to find out what presents would be best for your loved ones based on their star signs.

Christmas gifts based on your star sign

Aries: 21st March to 19th April ♈

Calling all Aries girls, to unload all of your pent up energy, pick a present that helps them relax your mind and spirit. Buy something that will call their full attention and separate them from their thoughts and feelings. Go for skincare to relax and create an outlet for their energy, along with improving physical and mental health.

Taurus: 20th April to 20th May ♉

We all know Taurus’ can be wild. ‘Uranus, the planet of liberation and freedom, is in your zodiac sign for a long stay – until 2026’. Our girls are spontaneous and excitable. So, we wouldn’t blame them if you’re struggling in such depressing times. Use their energy to try something new. Pick up some of our press on nails to give them a fun change this Christmas season. Who knows, you may give them a new lease of life.

Gemini: 21st May 21 to 20th June ♊

Gemini gals are passionate and loving. So, why not give them a gift that can enhance their beauty and encourage them to love themselves more? Grab some makeup that they will like and make their Christmas this year.

Cancer: 21st June to 22nd July ♋

Cancers are spiritual AF and very connected to their emotions. So it’s important that you find a present that is really creative. Go for hair styling products so they can switch up their look frequently. Cancers like to let the mind wander and get creative. So why shouldn’t they get creative with the best accessory they own? Their luscious locks.

Leo: 23rd July to 22nd August ♌

If your friend is a Leo, tell them to put the room décor videos on pause and start learning how to decorate themselves with layered jewellery. They have a very unique sense of expression and creativity, it’s very personal to them. So, decorating their body exactly the way they would like it is a perfect Christmas present.

Virgo: 23rd August to 22nd Sept ♍

Calling all my sporty queens. Virgo’s love their activities, so it’s safe to say they probs don’t smell the best sometimes (If you’re a Virgo…sorry). Think outside the box and supply your Virgo friend or family member some new perfume to spice up their winter activities.

Libra: 23rd September to 22nd October ♎

Libra’s are known for obsessing over art and style. Get them the creme de la creme of Christmas and go for a dog jumper to upgrade their pooches style to match their own. Refresh your Libra lovers life with our cute dog jumpers.

Scorpio: 23rd October to 21st November ♏

Scorpio’s minds are always known to run fast. So, give the gift of relaxation this Christmas. Go for unwinding bath sets for that friend that’s always overthinking or that stressed family member that deserves a break.

Sagittarius: 22nd Nov to 21st December ♐

Sagittarius’, care about the physical and mental health of their body. Take this time to up hall their skin and go with fake tan this Christmas. Let’s face it, fake tan is the thing we hate buying the most. So, it’s great to give this gift to another person. Besides, who’s not going to be happy with fake tan on Christmas?

Capricorn: 22nd Dec 22 to 19th ♑

If your girlfriend is a Capricorn, chances are she loves when you make her feel beautiful. Go kinky this Christmas and treat her to some lingerie to add a little extra spice to the festive season. What are you waiting for? Grab a new pair of knickers and a bra to make her day this Christmas.

Aquarius 20th January to 18th ♒

Aquarius can be easily drawn to group activities, which obviously can’t happen unless it’s through a phone. So, why not treat your friend or family member to new phone accessories to make connecting with people easier? From iPhone chargers to cases and adapters. Whatever makes their communication with others is a great Christmas gift idea.

Pisces 19th February to 20th ♓

For our Pisces out there, sometimes they can be so giving to others, they forget to take care of themselves. Here at Missguided, when we have our handbag organised, we are on top of the world. So, why not gift your loved one a new bag this Christmas, that way they can sort their lives out and get rid of their old bag which is probably filled with chewing gum wrappers and crumbs.

Christmas with Missguided

Now that you have your Christmas gifts for every friend and family member sorted for less thanks to the star signs. Have a look at our Christmas gift guide for even more gift inspo from you to you. Go on, you’ve worked hard this year. We reckon you’ve earned it.