Last-minute Christmas gift ideas

Find out our Christmas delivery cut off dates here.

Playboy x Missguided dog jumpers Christmas cut off date Missguided

It’s safe to say that we all have that one friend that leaves Christmas gifts shopping to the last minute. If you are that friend, fix up, your friends and family deserve a treat this year. We have rounded up our fave last-minute items to throw in your cart that your friends and family will love. From Playboy dog jumpers and lipstick kits to travel sets and power banks. Keep reading to find out our Christmas delivery cut off date. You don’t want to miss out on these inexpensive Christmas presents.

When are Missguided’s Christmas delivery cut off dates?

  • Standard delivery to get it before Christmas = 21st December
  • Next day delivery to get it before Christmas = 22nd December
  • Standard delivery to get it before New Year’s Eve = 28th December
  • Next day delivery to get it before New Year’s Eve = 30th December

Last min Christmas presents to add to cart

Playboy x Missguided dog jumpers

Who doesn’t want to live their Paris Hilton dream of matching with their pooch? Gift your friends and family (or yourself) with the gift of twinning with man’s best friend with our dog jumpers. Choose from black, grey, and pink toned doggy hoodies to match their fur. You are guaranteed to make someone happy with this Christmas gift.

Playboy x Missguided power banks + air pod case

We all know that one friend or family member that constantly lives on the edge with a 10% phone charge on a night out. Gift them ultimate power forever with our new Playboy portable power banks. If you don’t wanna waste any money this Christmas, this is your best bet. Even our nans carry around phones now.

Skincare travel set

We all have a BFF who has seriously dehydrated skin. Instead of being the naggy friend, pick up one of our new travel set skincare sets to give the gift of glowing skin this Christmas season. Everyone’s been on a health kick this year. Keep the trend going into 2021 and pair with gym leggings and a sports bra for the perfect gift.

Christmas lipstick collections

We have all needed an outlet to let our stress out in some way or another this year. Gift your friend or family member the ability to transform their makeup look this Christmas. After all, who doesn’t need a pick-me-up this Christmas? Pick up one of our lipstick kits for a fresh start this Christmas.

Shop before Christmas cut off

So there you have it, our newly dropped Playboy x Missguided Christmas gifts, makeup, and travel skincare sets. Perfect for your friends and family this festive season. Be quick to add to cart before our Christmas delivery cut off date – 21st December.