what to wear for every gym class

What to wear for different gym classes

With our easy gym-wear guide, you no longer have clothing as an excuse to skip leg day. Discover the perfect gym gear for every type of work out.

05 Jan, 2022
hangover hacks

Hangover hacks for your first time out after lockdown

Make hangovers a thing of the past..

19 Apr, 2021
Juju sheikh to talk about gym anxiety

How to handle gym anxiety with Juju Sheikh

How to feel good mentally & physically on your first return to the gym this week.

13 Apr, 2021
January sadness pink bedding

How to combat the January sadness

With uncertainty ahead and Christmas over, it's important to take care of yourself. Beat the January blue with our easy tips.

27 Dec, 2020
Home workout channels

Fun home workouts to ease you into fitness for 2021

A new year always makes us wanna go on a health kick. Here are some actually fun workouts you can do at home in 2021

26 Dec, 2020
Babezine Playboy condoms

How to have fun with condoms

Safety is sexy...The new Playboy X Missguided condom is now available online.

10 Dec, 2020
lunch time work out

Workouts you can do on your lunch break

Make your lunch hour into a power hour, with our fave 10-15 minute workout videos you can do whilst working from home.

09 Dec, 2020
How to report online crime

How to report online hate crime targeted to a disabled person

We've teamed up with Stop Hate UK to tell you how to report an online hate crime.

03 Dec, 2020
lockdown hobbies pink icing with whisk

Lockdown hobbies to help battle anxiety

Easy ways to take your mind off loneliness and stress.

20 Nov, 2020
How to stay motivated working from home

How to stay motivated working from home

Top tips from the experts at The Vibrancy Hub.

19 Nov, 2020
Pink crop top sportswear

Missguided Sports Wear Fit Guide

Back to the gym or just working out from home. Find your fitness outfit without breaking a sweat.

26 Oct, 2020