Hangover hacks for your first time out after lockdown

So as lockdown rules are easing up, the dreams of nights out with the girls are becoming more and more feasible. However with so much time spent apart, you just know that it’s going to get a little bit messy. We’ve come up with some easy hangover hacks to help you feel a little more human the next day. You’re welcome.

In case you were interested, here is the science-y part: Alchohol is processed through your liver by two enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase (ALDH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ADH). The alcohol content is initially broken down by ALDH and turned into acetylaldehyde, which is then broken down further by ADH to create acetic acid. The acetic acid is no longer a toxic substance, so that means your body has done its job.

However, if your body is struggling to turn the acetylaldehyde into non toxic acetic, that probably means you’re gonna have a really bad hangover. So here’s some easy ways to boost your ADH and therefore reduce all those nastyyyy hangover symptoms.

Hangover hacks- how to feel better after drinking

  1. Drink plenty of water

Okay, this one may seem obvious, but it’s important to note that you need to drink water BEFORE you start drinking too. If your liver is hydrated it will be able to process the alcohol as you are actually drinking it. Drunkenly gulping 3 pints of water before bed will not do the trick.

2. Eat foods that are good for your liver

You will be happy to hear that there’s loads of good options that will keep your liver happy. Incorporating these into your general diet will mean that you can better deal with hangovers when they happen. Try upping your intake of cinnamon, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, avocado, lemon or green tea.

3. Line your stomach

It is not a myth, if you eat BEFORE you start drinking, your hangover symptoms should be reduced. Having food in your stomach means that your body takes longer to process the booze and you won’t be on the floor by predrinks. (As good as a 3am Maccies taste, those nuggets probably won’t do much to stop your hangover the next morning).

4. Have eggs for breakfast

Eggs are possibly one of the best hangover cures out there. Whether you want them sunny side up, scrambled or poached, they are a lifesaver. They are rich in cysteine, which is an amino acid that your liver needs to break down the toxins from the alcohol.

5. Exercise

So this is probably a bit much to ask of a hungover person, but a quick workout or walk can work wonders. Excercise boots your metabolism, speeding up the rate that your body processes the alcohol in your system. SWEAT OUT THAT TEQUILA.

6. Sleep

Sometimes you only feel so sh*t because you are running low on sleep. Embrace the napping lifestyle and give yourself a few hours to chill out and have a snooze.

8. Stay comfortable

Have a shower and slip into a comfy jogger set, getting dressed can work wonders for your mental health and stop you from slipping into the dreaded hangover rut.

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