Fun home workouts to ease you into fitness for 2021

We’ve picked some of the actually fun Youtube workouts from our favourite fitness channels to keep you feeling healthy. You might not be able to go to your usual spin classes and have access to the weight section, but a home workout means that you can try something new in the comfort of your living room.

Home workout videos and channels

We’ve only picked one video from each of these Youtube channels, but if you enjoy them, click through to the profiles and scroll through hundreds more workouts.

Full body HIIT, no equipment

This home workout video is a quick full body HIIT that you can do without any equipment other than a mat or comfortable surface.

Resistance Band Booty Workout

All you need is a resistance band and glutes of steel. The 20-minute work out is broken up into three supersets to keep it interesting.

Arms and abs

Kayla Itsines has created the ultimate beginner’s guide to arms and abs. You can do this with no equipment or add weights to increase the intensity.

Boxfit Cardio

Just because you can’t make your usual boxing class, doesn’t mean that you can’t work out at home. This Adidas video is the intense session you’ve been craving.

Fat burner

Is it really a home work out guide, without a shout out to Joe Wicks? This intense fat burning class is the ultimate way to start your working from home day.

Kettlebell Workout

Whether you’re kettlebell pro, or you’ve just ordered your first set, this workout is the ultimate way to break a sweat. With easy and difficult variations of each exercise to choose from, you can pick your level of intensity.

Tone and shape

Work on your abs of steel through traditional yoga stretches, mixed with high intensity cardio to get your heart rate pumping.

Ab Blast

Alice Liveing is the queen of ab work outs, this simple circuit is one you can learn and repeat every day to build your core.

Workout gear

If anything is going to motivate you to get into shape, it’s new workout clothes (obviously). Take a look at our top picks below, or shop the full collection at Missguided.


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