How to handle gym anxiety with Juju Sheikh

Top tips for feeling your best on your return to the gym

Written by Liv Grady

April 13, 2021

Juju sheikh to talk about gym anxiety

Over lockdown, many of us have been smashing home workouts, going for runs and following Youtube tutorials. However now that gyms are starting to reopen, you probs want a change of scenery. The gym can be an intimidating place for people that may have not been before. Whether you are totally new, or you are hoping to return after a lockdown break, it’s common to feel overcome with gym anxiety.

We spoke to personal trainer and founder of Glow With JuJu to get her top tips on handling your anxiety and making the most from your workout.

Juju Sheikh gym anxiety

Gym Anxiety tips from Juju Sheikh

Top 3 tips for combatting gym anxiety

  • If you are just starting out and you feel self conscious, find a gym buddy. It makes you feel at ease, you can chat to each other, workout together and it makes it a more fun experience.
  • Remember that nobody is judging you. Everybody is in there for the same reason, to get their workout done. BUT if you feel uncomfortable, try and choose clothes that boost your confidence. Whether that’s a sports bra and leggings or a baggy tee and cycle shorts, just make sure you feel your best self.
  • Make yourself a killer playlist. Choose something that helps you get into the zone. Find motivating music that you love and then your focus will be 100% about your work out and not your anxiety.

Combatting common gym anxiety thoughts

For more tips on combatting stress and nerves around heading to the gym, take a look at the video below. Juju talks through some common anxiety feelings and how to combat them.

Feel confident in the gym

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