How to have fun with condoms

Introducing the Playboy x Missguided exclusive condoms

Babezine Playboy condoms

To celebrate the launch of the exclusive Playboy x Missguided condoms, we want to break down any negative connotations about jonnys, rubbers, whatever you want to call them.

As well as increasing the safety from unwanted pregnancy and STIs, condoms can also add an element of extra fun to your sex life. It’s complete bullsh*t that condoms ruin the mood, you just need to know how to use them in an exciting and pleasurable way.

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Ways to have fun with condoms

While we are all trapped inside with our partners, it’s probably inevitable that we will have more sex, even if it is just to pass the time 🍆🍑.

Rolling on a condom doesn’t have to be a mood killer, try incorporating into the foreplay. If you want to make things as smooth as possible, open the packet before you begin. This will reduce fumbling about in the dark (or the light, each to their own).

Using your hands ✊💦

Try putting the condom on your partner, this can increase the anticipation. Simply place the opening over the top of his penis, hold the tip of it in place with one hand and use the other hand to unroll it all the way down to the base.

Using your mouth 👄💦

If you want to make the use of a condom even more exciting, try using your mouth to put it on. 👅 Be sure to cover your teeth with your lips (we don’t want any rips or tears). Push your lips on the rolled up ring of the condom and slide it downwards towards the base. If it helps, use your hands to unroll the rest.

You can even place a couple of drops of lubes on the inside before you roll it down to maximise the sensation for him.

Dress for the occasion

Whilst you’re getting down to it, you might as well feel at your absolute best. It’s basically a god given fact that you feel most confident in a new underwear set. Whether you are treating your partner to a ‘quiet night in’ or just treating your camera roll to hundreds of FIRE selfies, there’s never been a better time to invest in lingerie.

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