New fitness trends for 2020

Whether you’re a gym obsessive or a more of a serial Netflix-er, you still want to be on top of the latest Instagram fitness trends before everyone else.

We’ve done the research for you. Discover the fitness trends that are about to take over from spin and hot yoga in 2020.

Fitness trends you’ll wanna try

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Micro HIIT

We thought HIIT was intense enough, but oh no, we had to go and invent Micro-HIIT. We are recommended to do three 20-minute hit sessions a week, but experts are suggesting to mix this up. They say we should be doing micro-bursts of exercise whenever we get the chance. This includes waiting for the kettle to boil, or those stressful minutes waiting for a reply from your crush.

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Personalised yoga

My:Method has created the ultimate millennial workout app. You log on and find a yoga instructor to come to your house and provide you with a personalised session. It’s basically like Deliveroo for yoga.

The at-home workout trend is proving more popular than ever, with more and more fitness plans becoming available for download or streaming. Simply enter your details and your goals and let the fitness gurus work out the process of getting you there!

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Mind over matter

Believe it or not, the mind needs to exercise in the same way that the body does. Online booking app Class Pass, has seen a huge rise in meditation, breathing and mindfulness classes. After all, you’ve gotta put feeling good before looking good.

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Smart workouts

We’re all obsessed with Paleton bikes, Fitbits, Apple watches and any other form of ‘smart’ exercise. This is only going to get bigger in 2020. The next estimated trend is set to be Smart Boxing. Boutique boxing studio 12×3 in London have already starting putting trackers on the gloves, letting you see how hard and fast you can punch.

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