Podcasts to listen to if you’re struggling with your mental health

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, we have found a list of podcasts to help offer support, advice and a little light relief for those who may be struggling right now. Whether you have been facing a mental health battle for the last few years or you have found yourself feeling a little lost during the Covid-19 pandemic, scroll down to take a look at our top podcast picks.

If you, or someone you know, may need to seek professional advice, take a look at our list of helplines and resources.

Mental Health Podcasts to subscribe to RN

The Hilarious World of Depression

Depression is no laughing matter, but sometimes a sense of humour can make things feel a lot easier to deal with. Hosted by American comedian, it features celebrity guests who struggle with depression such as Drag Race legend Miz Cracker and Jameela Jamil,

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Whenever someone asks how we are doing, we always say “fine thanks”, but this podcast says the opposite. Hosted by author Nora McInerny, it urges the listeners to be open and honest about their problems.

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Hosted by Dr Robert Duff PHD, this podcast answers YOUR mental health questions. As a doctor of psychology he answers queries around anxiety, depression, relationships, sex, and life without the bullsh*t. It’s comforting to know that other people get the same thoughts as you.

Not Another Anxiety Show

This podcast discusses anxiety and panic attacks, but also provides you with useful coping mechanisms. Hosted by Kelli Walker, a registered nurse and former agoraphobe, she talks the listener through the steps she took to deal with her anxieties more effectively.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

The smallest changes can make the biggest differences, especially when it comes to tackling mental health issues and anxiety. This podcast provides the listener with simple every day actions that can improve their mental wellbeing.

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