SHUSHBOX: Fun ways to explore your XXXtra self in lockdown

Did you know that the month of May is dedicated to celebrating masturbation?

At the United Nations World AIDS Day in 1994, U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders suggested self-pleasure could be a safe alternative to sex and proposed that it should be taught as part of the sex education. As a result, she was fired…just for saying that masturbation was a good thing!

To say thanks to Dr. Elders and her advocation for sexual pleasure and safety, for the past 25 years the world has been celebrating with Masturbation May…and this year is no different.

Besides, what better time to explore yourself than whilst staying home?

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Meet Shushbox

For Masturbation month, we have teamed up with Shushbox. Shushbox is a sexual wellness and self-love community, dedicated to opening up a conversation around sex.

Tired of toning down to fit into societal ‘norms’ of how we should act, look and feel… Shushbox was born. The Shushbox mission is to open the lid and build a community for like-minded curious ones across the globe who want to re-claim their sexual pleasure in a safe, non-judgmental and FUN space. A space where getting off is not only encouraged, but strongly advised, so you can truly connect with yourself. Shushbox aims to empower, inspire and encourage XXXploration and self-expression through a sexual wellness app which will be launching later in the year.

In the meantime, to celebrate Masturbation month, we’ve partnered up with Shushbox to do something a little fun for those who might be struggling to find inspiration in the current lockdown. Whether your quarantining indoors with your boo (yes, mutual masturbation is a thing) or riding solo, here are 3 ways to explore yourself this May.

Shushbox’s top 3 ways to explore yourself

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Express yourself through dance

Dancing along to some of your fave tunes (even for a cheeky five mins whilst getting ready in the morning) can boost happiness and improve creative-thinking. Dancing not only releases endorphins (the happy hormones!), which help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, but is also a fab way to express our bodies and sexual energy through movement which can help in boosting self-confidence. Whilst we dance, since our blood is already flowing, this is also a great time to explore our bodies a little closer…if ya know what we mean. So put on a sexy playlist, rub up on yourself and dance like nobody is watching.

Try Mirror Work

Remember… Self pleasure IS Self love. Masturbation boosts self-esteem and can also relieve stress. With a mirror, the experience becomes even more sensual as all distractions can be removed and you, your body and your pleasure can take the limelight. So turn your notifications OFF, light some candles, get comfortable and take some time out to really connect with yourself. By watching your reflection in the mirror, you’ll be able to match feelings of pleasure with specific strokes to find what really feels good for you in the moment.

Erotic Writing

Reading about people getting it ON can be fun, open our minds and encourage the exploration of new sexual activities. These may be fantasies we don’t even want to try in real life, but it’s a way to see what get’s us hot under the collar in a safe way. Writing about getting down and dirty can also have similar effects. Creative writing can be a form of escapism and allow you to release feelings and emotions, another great way to explore your fantasises a little further. Or maybe you just want to go down memory lane and remember some of those hot and steamy experiences in the el wanko banko? Either way, pick up a pen and get scribbling.

And on that note. If you’re feeling inspired, we’ve got a competition to get those creative juices flowing sis!

Giveaway time!

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How often do you and your bestie share your naughty secrets? Well we want IN. Until May 24th, you have the chance to tell your very own sexy AF story and be featured on Shushbox. So go, dish the dirt and submit your stories, from either IRL experiences or your wildest imagination, with a minimum of 500 and maximum of 1,000 words to to be in with a chance to win.

The best 3 submissions will also receive self lovin’ goodies from our babes at Emojibator, Lovability, Fluide Beauty, Ryan Porter and £50 to spend BIG with Missguided. All submissions will also receive one years free subscription to Shushbox! See the full details of what’s up for grabs at

So what are you waiting for? Release your XXXtra self and help a fellow hun to get off this May. Now if that’s not Sisterhood, we’re not sure what is!

SB x

Competition closes May 24th 6pm BST with winners announced on 28th May.

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