WTF to wear for different gym classes

Every January it’s the same story: we pay (yet another) gym joining fee, buy new activewear and we promise ourselves we are actually going to turn up.

With our easy gym-wear guide, you no longer have clothing as an excuse to skip leg day. Discover the perfect gym gear for every type of work out.

Outfits for every gym class eventuality

Deciding what to wear for gym classes can be tricky, especially if you are not a regular. We might not be able to help you perfect your tyre-flipping skills, but we can help you pick an outfit that makes you look like a gym pro.

What to wear for HIIT class

Anyone that has ever been to a HIIT class can confirm that it is indeed, intense. From strength-training to never-ending burpees, it’s a sweaty ordeal from start to finish. For this type of class, opt for a crop sports bra to keep you cool and a pair of supportive high waisted leggings.

What to wear for gym classes - HIIT Class
What to wear for gym classes - HIIT Class Grey Co Ord

What to wear for spin class

We all know that spin classes are loud, sweaty and hard work, so the key to feeling comfortable, is choosing the right gym gear. It’s not about looking good (because even the ‘gym-girls’ look like a hot mess after spin class), it’s about keeping cool and not overheating. Opt for cycle shorts or form fitting leggings to prevent excess fabric from getting in your way, and wear a loose, breathable top.

What to wear for gym classes - cycle shorts
Cycle shorts and branded t shirt

What to wear for yoga or pilates

Yoga is just as much about the mind as it is about the body, so comfort is always key babe. You don’t want to be blinded in downward dog by your baggy t-shirt slipping over your head. Opt for comfortable, but form-fitting clothes that won’t get tangled in your fancy-ass headstands and poses.

What to wear for gym classes - Black matching co ord
Black matching co ord Missguided

What to wear for aerobics

Whether you’re hitting Zumba or doing a Legs Bums & Tums session, it’s important to ensure that you wear comfy, form-fitting leggings (there’s nothing worse than your trainer getting tangled in your jogger). Add a little t-shirt or breathable top to keep you cool in the studio.

What to wear for gym classes, as done by Babes of Missguided.

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