Home workout with Missguided

If you’re missing the gym at home, don’t worry, we got you. Follow our easy home workout circuit with personal trainer and yoga instructor Emily Mouufit.

Our legs & bum workout can be done without any equipment and is guaranteed to get those glutes burning. Choose how many time to repeat the circuit depending on your fitness levels. Beginners and pros welcome. Now, let’s squat. 🍑

Leg day home workout

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You can tailor this home workout to suit your fitness level, choose how many reps of each and build it over time. If you are more advanced or you have access to equipment, try using a resistance band or weights to make the routine even more intense. YOU GOT THIS

  1. Side to side pulsing squats
  2. Pulsing jumping lunges
  3. Table top step outs
  4. Squat with leg raise
  5. Pulsing hip thrusts
  6. Lying down leg raises, knee to shoulder
  7. Plank leg lifts
  8. Squat hold half burpees

If you wanna work on your fitness during lockdown, why not check out our fave exercise Youtube tutorials to get you motivated?

What to wear for a home workout?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable and supported in. Working out at home is the perfect opportunity to try out gym gear that you have always wanted to wear. Treat yourself to a new sports crop top or shorts, or go for a cute co-ord.

All Missguided gym wear is created with exercise in mind, we use breathable fabrics, designed to help you move easily.

Sports nutrition

In case you didn’t know, you can also get your sports nutrition supplements at Missguided too. Discover shakes, bars and capsules from Protein World.

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