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Whilst in lockdown our wardrobe has basically been a combo of Joggers (or Day Pyjamas as we like to call them) and actual night time pyjamas. We wanna be comfy 24 hours a day.

Forget that old stained bed t-shirt you got free from a bar crawl 5 years ago, if there is any time to level up your PJ game, it’s right now. Take a look at our top picks for when you’re bored in the house (in the house bored).

Pyjamas and loungewear to wear in lockdown

Blush lace trim wrap pyjama set

This PJ set is for your ‘woke up like this’ selfies and Zoom calls when you wanna look hot buy also like you haven’t made an effort.

Blush lace trim wrap pyjama set

Brown leopard print satin frill pyjamas

The ultimate set for binge-watching Tiger King in. These cute frill shorts wouldn’t go amis in Carol Baskin’s extensive leopard-print clothes collection.

Leopard print satin frill pyjamas

Black Missguided taped leggings

Not STRICTLY pyjamas, but just as comfy. If you wanna look a little sporty during lockdown and pretend to people that you haven’t just been slobbing on the sofa for the last 8 hours, then team a pair of leggings with a sporty crop top and your secret is safe.

Missguided taped leggings

Black tanning loungewear jumpsuit

Loungewear jumpsuits are basically onesies, just a lot cooler. Ditch the novelty rudolf number you got for Christmas and slip into a soft jersey outfit.

Pyjamas loungewear onesie jumpsuit

Grey oversized t shirt cycling shorts co ord set

No casual wardrobe is complete without a pair of cycling shorts and cute oversized tee. This matching set will trick people into thinking that you actually have your sh*t together during lockdown.

Cycle shorts and t shirt

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