an interview with select model Joella


Tell us all about yourself….

My name is Joella or JoJo and I’m 15-years-old and live just outside Manchester and like all girls my age, I’m currently studying for my GCSE’s…I also have a little brother and sister.

 How did you get into modelling

Just over a year ago, I went with school on a trip to The Clothes Show Live event in Birmingham and was just walking around when I was approached by some of the team from Select Model Management. They asked me if they could take my picture, took a few details and they called my dad the next day to arrange for me to go to see them at their offices in London. I was really excited. It was a dream come true. I went to see Select and they really looked after me as I was nervous. I had my hair and make-up done and then did lots to photographs for them. I was super-excited when my modelling cards were ready and I saw my pictures on the Select website.

What do you love about Select?

What girl wouldn’t want to be with one of the world’s top modelling agencies? They have been so kind and helpful every step of the way and are always on hand to offer advice and support. They are incredibly hard working and always have my best interests at heart. They are all so friendly and I love the buzz and energy of their office – not to mention looking at the amazing super-models they have on their books.

 When did you first try modelling?

I think most girls dream of modelling at some point and I am no different. Everyone kept saying “you should be a model” but I thought they were just being kind. But before I signed with Select, I had sent off my pictures to a few agencies and they all came back saying I was too tall for my age group. I really didn’t have any experience other than taking selfies in my bedroom!

What inspires your work?

I guess I want to succeed and I want to be the best I can be. I see lots of girls who want to be models and I think how lucky I am to have this opportunity. I’m inspired by my love of fashion, my family who are 100% behind me always and the fact that I get the chance to wear some of the most amazing clothes.

What’s your biggest inspo in life?

My biggest inspiration in life – that’s a tough question as I am inspired everyday by my family and there dedication, unquestioning love and determination to help me achieve my goals. But I also look at models like Naomi Campbell who paved the way for girls from ethnic backgrounds and I hope one day in some small way I can inspire young girls to follow their dreams.


What’s your personal style like?

In a word – tomboyish – I like nothing more than a skinny jean, Converse and an over-sized hoodie, hair scrapped back and I’m ready to go. But don’t get me wrong, I also love to dress-up occasionally too.

What’s your fave trend ever?

That’s easy – leggings. You can wear them almost anytime, any season, allow you to wear super-short skirts without embarrassing yourself and best of all they are comfortable.

Who would you love to work with?

That list is endless. I don’t think you ever stop learning and I’d love to work with Naomi Campbell, Gisele, Kendall Jenner, Gigi… I could go on lol

What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal would have to be a Dolphin because they always seem happy, full of energy and love the water – a bit like me.

Who would be in your ultimate girl gang?

I’d go with Naomi Campbell, Kylie & Kendal, Gigi and Jessie from Little Mix just so we’d always have great music on hand.

What are your 3 beauty essentials?

Apart from drinking lots of water, my three beauty essentials would be lip balm – it can double as a moisturiser on flights, mascara – it instantly makes your eyes look alive and a good face cleanser to keep your skin looking healthy.

What advice do you have for someone trying break into the industry?

Never to give up on dreams, always to be yourself, stay healthy and safe.

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