Nelly London answers your questions

We caught up with Nelly London over Instagram to answer the questions that you wanted to hear. 

In case you didn’t know, Nelly London is a fashion and lingerie influencer, who is making waves on Instagram with her messages of body positivity and acceptance.

She is on a recovery journey from an eating disorder and uses her story to inspire others to be confident in themselves. That’s what we are all about! 

Nelly London in MSGD underwear

We let you guys put the questions to Nelly directly on Instagram. Take a look at what she had to say below!

Q: How can I be more confident in public and within myself?

A: My advice is to take baby steps. If you find it difficult to be confident when you’re out in public, start with small outings and do easy things that you think you will be able to achieve and then the next week try something that challenges you a little bit more.


Q: I have stretch marks and I am very self conscious, what would you recommend?

A: So, I would always like to think of stretch marks as a physical representation of how much you have grown as a person. It’s simply the skin adapting to growth, which is a beautiful thing. They are completely natural, they are completely normal and most of the population has them.

Q: How do I stop comparing myself to others?

A: My biggest advice for this is always to cleanse your social media feeds. You may be following accounts that you don’t even realise are having a really negative impact on your self image.


Q: I always feel very self conscious at the beach. Do you have any confidence tips?

A: So, you are definitely not alone in feeling that way. Feeling confident on the beach can be really tricky because ultimately you are more exposed than you would be. It’s just important to remember that nobody else is actually judging you, even though you might be judging yourself.

Have we left you wanting more?

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