Q&A with Kendall Rae Knight


We caught up with ex-Islander and mega babe Kendall about her time in this years villa, although her time was short but sweet she has plenty to say about the other Islanders and her best bits.

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What was your highlight of being on Love Island?

My highlight of being in love island was taking part in the challenges as they were so much fun and broke up your day (as it’s the only time you can leave the villa.) I’m also secretly very competitive so loved it when I won the superhero challenge even if it did mean gaining very bruised bum cheeks from smashing the melons!

Who do you think you’ll stay in touch with?

I would hope to keep in touch with all of the OGs as we used to call ourselves (originals) but especially Samira as she was my girl in there.

Who do you predict to win?

I predict that Jack and Dani will win this year! They both seemed really genuine when I was in the villa and seem so into each other it’s so cute to watch!

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Who has the best outfits in the villa?

Alex by a country mile, I’m feeling his hilarious floral shirts and stripy shorts. I find myself keeping an eye out for what crazy attire he’s going to wear next haha love him!

Who has the most annoying habit in the villa? What is it?

Omg Adam and his horrendous snoring..even his breathing is loud it’s so irritating he sounds like Darth Vader!

If you could change anything about your experience, what would it be?

Not give Adam such an easy ride when he jumped from me to Rosie and made out it was because it was my insecurities that pushed him to do it. Oh and to have pulled him up when he kissed Rosie literally 5 seconds after putting an end to us both. Tut tut Adam!

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What did you miss most from the outside world?

FOOOOODDDD!!! Obviously, we get fed in there but my god I missed all takeaways, fizzy sweets, chocolate, cookie dough and ice cream..and the rest! FOOD IS LIFE!

What are your top tips for getting over a break-up?

Keep yourself surrounded by your friends and family, have a couple of bottles of rosè on standby, post some fierce insta photos, and the rest just comes with time. When they say time’s a healer it doesn’t help at the time but it’s so true!

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Who would shag, marry or avoid in the villa?

Shag Sam (just because he put Adam in his place, don’t know too much about him though.) Marry Alex!! Avoid Adam like the Black Plague!

Which Islander would you go to the hideaway with?

None!!! Give me that huge bed all to myself and let me starfish without annoying Adam snoring in my ear!

How would you describe your own personal style?

I like to keep it classy but sassyyyyy!!!

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If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I didn’t live in England.. a bikini (from Missguided obvs!)

Do you have a life mantra or words that you live by?

FOOD IS LIFE! Or ‘The happiest people don’t have everything, they make the best of everything’.

What music are you playing on repeat at the moment?

Rise – Jonas Blue


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