An Actually Useful Guide to Love Island Phrases

Hello, we’re Missguided and we’re addicted to Love Island. Ugh, it feels good to get that off our chests. If you’re obsessed with a capital O like we are, then you know that sometimes it can feel like the Islanders are talking in their own secret language. From pranging to pieing, here’s our guide to the 2018 Love Island phrases.

Putting all my eggs in his/her basket

A returning Love Island phrases favourite from last year, putting all your eggs in somebody’s basket means you’re fully focusing your efforts on them. Special mention goes to spectacle wearer of the year 2017, Alex, for his twist: “I’m putting all my Megs in one basket”. Genius.

DBS/Do Bits Society

The first rule of the DBS is don’t talk about the DBS, right? So all we can tell you is that the Do Bits Society is an exclusive club for Islanders who have engaged in some under-cover action with each other. Dr Alex, no hun. Level 4, strong cuddling, doesn’t count.


What’s worse than being literally pied like Adam? Being figuratively pied by somebody you’re into, of course. This expression is used when somebody has been dumped by whoever they’re coupled up with, usually in a fairly brutal way. Ouch. See also: Mugged off.

Mugged Off

Nothing to do with a cup of tea, being mugged off means being disrespected by somebody – Usually in an embarrassingly public manner. Could also mean being taken for a fool. Note: To be ‘muggy’ means to be the one doing the mugging off. Obvs.

Peng Sort

Coined by Jack to big up Dr Alex before one of his many, many dates. Bless. Peng sort is a way of commenting on somebody’s appearance in a positive way. To describe somebody as a peng sort, they must be very attractive. Smoulder, Dr Alex.


Wimpy, soft, or pathetic. A person who is so blinded by their feelings towards somebody that they start acting like a complete and utter idiot. Usually used between the boys to tease them when they are acting soppy and over-the-top towards their crush.


A common word which has been given a totally new meaning this year in the villa. Thanks to Miss Georgia Steel, you can now proclaim yourself as loyal to prove to the person you’re coupled up with that you’re not interested in anybody else. Even when you most definitely are…

Crack On

Cracking on is the act of pursuing somebody romantically, and building a relationship with them. In spite of their current relationship status. And regardless of other people’s feelings. Also an effective way of dumping somebody: “I’m not that into you anymore, so why don’t you crack on with the new guys?”


Apparently, some people can’t take a hint. Because grafting is when a guy or girl has to work extra hard to get somebody to like them. Play hard to get and you too might be lucky enough to have a guy fall off a pole onto his head for you. What a dream.

Pranging Out

Picture the scene: You’re with a guy, but you’re not sure how he feels. Then a new girl comes into the villa, who in the words of Dani Dyer, has a big bum, big boobs and doesn’t eat cheese toasties every night. You have a total paranoid meltdown he’s going to move on. You are probably ‘pranging’ babe, chill.

Girl Code

Hoes before bros, we all know that right? Well, the concept of girl code is talked about A LOT in the villa, but we assume none of them know what it means considering they’re all stealing each other’s men. Nothing is worth breaking the ‘girl code’ over,  not even Adam’s abs.


To describe something as cute, but instead of using the actual word that’s in the dictionary, adding -sie on the end for no real reason. In the famous words of Regina George, stop trying to make cutesie happen. It’s not going to happen.


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