Love Island: The weekly wrap up

Love Island is coming to an end, so we have been savouring every minute of it this week. And what a week it’s been, filled with grafting, necking on, cracking on, laying it on thick… you get the drift.

Pretty much an entire season of content has been packed into the past week in the villa. The baby challenge, the lie detector, AND the arrival of our Islanders’ parents have meant it’s been non-stop bantz and drama. If you missed anything, it’s all right here. With only the final to go, we can’t wait to see which couple will be crowned winners.  

  1. The lie detector reared its ugly, brilliant head once again and caused havoc for pretty much all the Islanders. In no particular order, new Jack, Wes, Josh and Alex were all caught out lying…
  2. Oh, and let’s not forget OG Jack lying about whether he picked Dani because he knew who her dad is. The boys got a poster above his bed, what did you expect?
  3. The Islanders also became proud parents this week, as the baby task returned. Some took to the challenge like a duck to water, with both Jacks making our ovaries twitch with their cute parenting style.
  4. Others, however, were less caring of their plastic offspring. Josh, we’re looking at you. He pulled the baby’s actual arm off. And found it funny. We know they’re not real but Jesus!
  5. Special mention for Dr Alex. As a medical professional, he forgot to check the sex of a baby, and ended up throwing his across the patio when he fell. We think we’ll avoid A&E when he’s working thanks!
  6. The couples were treated to some genuinely jaw-dropping dates, including a sunset meal on a cliff, a drive in a Ferrari, AND a hot air balloon trip. Bit better than a Nando’s, where are we going wrong?
  7. The last week in the villa is always going to be a brutal time to be dumped from the villa, but for Jack & Laura, it was even more bittersweet, as they had just won the baby challenge.
  8. Finally, the parents arrived, and although we’d have preferred Danny Dyer to be there in person, him offering to sign Jack’s nut was still comedy gold. Plus, Alexandra’s mum sassed Dr Alex hard. YASS girl.
  9. Laura made a massive faux-pas, after mistaking Paul’s comments about wedding venues to mean they were getting married. No babe, you’ve known each other 2 weeks. It’s his sister’s wedding. Chill.
  10. And we had to wave goodbye to Alex x2 after Islanders and the public voted for who to dump. We don’t know how Dr Alex has stuck it out this long, but it was a pleasure watching his suntan get steadily redder. 

See you tonight! What will happen in the final? We can’t wait to see huns, and remember to keep up to date with all the latest Love Island goss, style steals and general bants by following @missguided on insta!

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