So… What Is Love Island?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, we’re here to break down everything Love Island for all you first-timers. Be prepared for this ITV2 series to take over your life… there’s no escape. It’s on EVERY evening, yes you heard that right, EVERY evening except Saturdays. If you have plans, cancel them. If you’ve booked a holiday, cancel it. Here’s the low-down on what Love Island is all about, some facts about the show and what you can expect from this year’s series.


What do we know about Love Island?

Love Island is a TV show where islanders live in a villa with the aim of coupling up to find true love in an attempt to convince the public and win a huuuuge amount of money.

The Islanders receive text messages with challenges, they either compete as boys vs. girls, in couples or individually. They can then win prizes as couples or as an individual and can choose who they share their prize with.


Islanders get voted out by the public, sometimes there’s an added twist by allowing the Islanders to make the final decision… did someone say sass?

Last year there was a grand total of 69 cameras in the villa… they capture absolutely EVERYTHING that goes on inside the villa and in the outdoor areas. On top of that, there’s The Beach Hut, an interview style room where islanders can go and ‘privately’ talk to the camera about their feelings or anything else that’s happened in the villa.

Islanders have absolutely NO access to the outside world, they’re given special phones when they enter the villa where only producers and people in the show can contact them. Without being able to confide in your home group chats about all the drama, Islanders form friendships quickly in the villa, the most notable bromance being Chris and Kem from last year.

Islanders are lucky enough that during their time in the villa they don’t have to cook their own meals as most of these are prepared for them. They also have their laundry done for them once a week! Despite not having access to the outside world, they are allowed certain special requests if needed. Doesn’t sound too bad right?

So, when does Love Island start?

It starts on Monday 4th June 2018 at 9pm on ITV2. If you can’t wait you can see a teaser of the Love Island trailer here.

And, when does Love Island finish?

Well, still TBC but our prediction would be 30th July.

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