Missguided Discovered: Eli & Fur

Since our first interview with Eli & Fur back in 2017, the DJ duo have come a long way. We caught up with them ahead of their set at Manchester’s Warehouse Project to find out what they have been up to.

The pair met at school in London and broke onto the scene, back in 2013. Their debut release ‘You’re So High’ elevated them to number one on Hype Machine. The pair have been making serious waves in the industry ever since, playing iconic festivals and venues including Tomorrowland, SW4, Coachella & Creamfields.

Eli & Fur Djing with pink neon heart

We spoke to Eli & Fur off the back of their huge US tour to find out all about their upcoming gigs, annoying habits and musical inspiration. Read the full interview below.

Since we last interviewed you in 2017, what’s been your career highlight?

There’s definitely a few highlights, recording an essential mix live from Ants Ushuaia was something we had wanted to do for a long time. Playing at Printworks is a massive highlight as it’s our home town and the club is truly mind blowing.

Tell us about the origins of Eli & Fur

We both worked at a music production after school, this where we started to properly produce together. We would stay late after work and use the studios to make our own music. That’s when the idea of Eli & Fur was born.

Eli & Fur red jumper

You spend a lot of time on tour, do you have any tips for staying mindful while you are so busy?

Staying hydrated is so important and you really forget to do this on tour! Eating enough vegetables, taking baths, reading, painting and if there is time exploring the city where you are. Napping (although sometimes you wake up and wish you hadn’t!)

What’s the first gig or concert you both ever went to?

Eli – The Spice Girls at Earls Court! 

Eli & fur Dj-ing at club

How do you like to spend your days off?

Fur- I like to be around nature, I love exploring new places, I like to cook and make art.

Eli – I like to make music without a specific idea or genre in mind. Just sitting down with a guitar and writing whatever comes. I also like good food and catching up with friends and family.

What’s your favourite ever night out?

Space Closing Party is definitely a tough one to top! It was such an incredible night the energy was wild.

What’s each other’s most annoying habits?

Fur- Eli is a sock thief! And when you catch her wearing them, she will then say “no remember these are 100% mine”.

Eli – Haha. She likes to sleep on my lap on the plane. It’s fine for a while, then my legs go numb.

Eli and Fur wearing merchandise

What’s the first album you ever remember buying?

Fur- The first album I ever got was Duran Duran -Decade

Eli – Probably Matchbox Twenty – Myself Or Someone Like Me

Proudest moment in your career so far?

 Fur- Bringing my family to a gig and seeing them have a nice time (SW4 this year I brought everyone and we had a real laugh).

What’s on the agenda for 2020?

We have some exiting releases lined up and are releasing on some labels that are new to us.

Eli and Fur sunset leather jacket

Quickfire questions with Eli & Fur 🔥

What song are you loving at the minute? 🎵

Eli – Dinner- Kacy Hill

Fur – Llovizna – Francisco Allendes, Felipe Venegas – Loco dice remix

What’s your number 1 comfort food? 🍕

Fur – Pasta, probably Carbonara.

Eli – Any carbs! Pizza, pasta, bread.

What are you binge-watching?💻

Fur- The last thing I binge watched was Euphoria

Eli – The Affair 

Favourite city you’ve visited on tour? 🏙️

Eli – I love LA and Istanbul

Fur- Istanbul, the sunsets and sunrises are the most beautiful

What 3 items of clothing can’t you live without? 🛍️

Fur- it would probably be a Black T-shirt, Silk Pyjama bottoms, and trainers I have a serious trainer addiction.

Eli – Also black t-shirt, hoodie and leather jacket

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