Missguided Discovered: Tash LC

Meet Tash LC, the DJ and presenter bringing us all the Afro-influenced beats from across the world. She chatted to us ahead of her set at AMP Lost and Found Festival, Malta in May. (Check out our Malta festival guide for the full lowdown on tickets).

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Get to know Tash LC

Tash is a 24-year-old DJ and producer from Croydon. She started her love for DJ’ing as a uni student and has pursed her passion ever since. We chatted to her about her career highlights, residences with Radio 1 Xtra and favourite teenage albums. Read the full interview below.

Hey Tash, how are you? I’m great thanks!

Currently chilling by a pool in South Africa so life feels pretty good at the moment.

Did you always want to be able to DJ AND present?

 When I first decided I wanted to be in media I was dead set on being a TV presenter and genuinely couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but as I started studying broadcasting and hosting my radio show at uni I fell more and more in love with wanting to talk about music. DJ’ing kinda evolved naturally as I spent more and more time around DJ’s at radio stations and wanted to get involved. 

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How did you land your residences with Worldwide FM & Radio 1 Xtra?

With Worldwide, I saw an online ad about this new station that Gilles Peterson was starting in 2016 so as a big fan already. I got in contact straight away to see if they needed broadcast assistants. After a few months there I started covering a couple of shows before eventually starting Rhythm Travels around 2017.

The 1Xtra residency came about from being invited to do a pilot by my friend Jesse who produces the residency. Luckily the heads of 1X were into what I was doing and I ended up being a part of the 6 month residency for a whole year! Definitely one of the best experiences of my career so far.

What does a day in the life look like for Tash LC?

It varies! In the mornings (usually late mornings) I go to the gym/yoga/jogging as exercise really gives me some mental clarity. After that I might have a meeting about Club Yeke (my label) and plan which artists to reach out to/ create some content, or plan an upcoming radio show.

Radio planning involves researching which artists are in town that week for a studio session/interview as well as listening to all the promo I’ve been set and sorting through press releases and organising tracklists. 

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What was the defining moment that made you realise your DJ career was really taking off?

 I’m not sure if there’s one exact moment but my first Boiler Room back in 2017 was a real pivotal moment for me. I’d been watching Boiler Rooms for years behind my laptop screen never really imagining I’d be doing one. I was absolutely terrified but the response was amazing and definitely left me determined to want to do more.

“I was absolutely terrified, but the response was amazing and definitely left me determined to want to do more.”

Tash LC

What was your favourite teenage album?

My teenage years were the indie golden days (I’m still kinda living in them). One of my favourite albums ever and one that had a huge impact on me was Vampire Weekend’s debut album. I still listen to it all the time, no shame.

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What has been your favourite ever night out?

Hmmmmm, one of my best gigs has got to be 0H141 in Glasgow which I played a couple of years back. The energy was just insane and Glaswegians are so lovely and welcoming, I never wanted the night to end!

What’s been your proudest career moment so far?

 There’s been quite a few highlights but one main moment has got to be starting my label. It wasn’t an easy journey but getting the first release out (Jumping Back Slash – Animals) was a huge moment.

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What’s on the agenda for 2020? 

More travelling! Travelling is what keeps me motivated. I’m heading to do an Asia tour in March with Mina whose another incredible DJ/Producer from London. I’ve also got a few cool gigs lined up and definitely going to be putting on more parties throughout the year.

Label wise, we’ve got a couple of amazing releases lined up and are always talking to more undiscovered talent so I can’t wait to share all this forward thinking music with the world. I’m also hoping to work on a music documentary this year, and more radio of course.

Quickfire Questions with Tash LC 🔥

Three items of clothing you can’t live without? 🛍️

My faux fur orange jacket, My green suede Air Forces and all my headwraps 

What Insta account are you loving RN? 📱


What’s your favourite snack? 🧀

Scotch Eggs

 What are you watching on Netflix atm? 🍿


What song do you have on repeat right now? 🎧

Blackboy & Messi- Ready For That 

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