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Written by Liv Grady

April 20, 2021

1 of seven founder 1 of seven founder

Missguided Homeware has just launched and we have teamed up with a number of small business owners, to bring you aesthetic accessories for every home. We decided to take a look behind the scenes at one of our suppliers, 1 of Seven.

Discover unique candles to help elevate your home and bring an element of relaxation to every room. Available in a range of different shapes including male and female torsos, bubbles and shells.

1 of Seven was founded by Braid, who passionately mixes, creates and pours all of the candles herself. She said “As someone that’s suffered from anxiety for a long time, candles have been a constant in my self care routine.” Now you can create your very own self-care routine, with minimal and on-trend styles.

We chatted to Braid to find out more about the Surrey-based business and the work that goes into creating her candles.

Q+A with 1 of Seven candles founder

When did you first start making candles?

started self teaching in May/ June 2020 and launched 1 of Seven end September 2020

Where does the name 1 of Seven come from?

It’s based around our 7 scents based around the 7 chakras ( energy points in the body). These 7 scents were the foundation of the brand and most of the options offered will be based around this but some options I’m just offering as Unscented for now.

Which is your favourite candle available from Missguided?

Well Im biased as I love all my beauties 🙂 But if I were forced to choose, I’d say BABE is my favourite shape as its the most realistic to most of the female figures. The brand and I am all about inclusivity in regards to shape, size & colour, so its important that there’s good representation.

Uni room accessory candle
Pregant lady candle missguided home

“I am all about inclusivity in regards to shape, size & colour, so its important that there’s good representation.”

Braid – speaking about her torso candles

What’s one interesting fact that people might not know about your business or your products?

I suppose it’s that everything I know about candle making is self taught. I never took any classes. I’m very big on finding information out myself though blogs, asking questions, FB & Youtube. And then it’s all practice, practice, practice!

Can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind making the candles?

? It starts with weighing the wax I need, melt it, cool to the desired temperature to add the fragrance. If added when its too hot, it burns off the fragrance and then also ensuring to pour at the right temperature. You can’t rush the process as you can tell from the finished product. It’s all about understanding the characteristics of the wax you use and the different timings to ensure the final product is the best.

pink bubble candle

“It’s all about understanding the characteristics of the wax you use and the different timings, to ensure the final product is the best.”

Braid – speaking about the candle creating process

Where do you get your ideas from for new shapes?

With the female shapes, I like to also apply the “Seven” aspect of 1 of Seven. So eventually I want to have seven female shapes on offer. And then most importantly making sure there is good representation of colour and body shape.

What do you like to do when you aren’t creating your candles?

I like to learn new crafts. Teach myself new things. I’m currently working on learning how to make concrete trays which will make great candle stands. I also create content for my lifestyle/ skincare/mental health page @braid_itsme. In addition, well I’m obsessed with Vampire diaries and am currently on number 9 of binge watching all 8 seasons

What advice would you give to someone that wants to start a small business?

Start small, do lots and lots of research, have a plan, take you time, don’t rush the process. Practice. Practice. Practice! The worst thing to do is launch with sub-par product. You want to launch with your best foot forward. Don’t give up as success does not happen overnight for most people. And most importantly, ask for help when needed. You don’t have to do it all by yourself!

bubble cube candle

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You can now invest in your own candle from 1 of Seven and level up your homeware aesthetic. Take a look at our top picks below, or shop the full collection online now.