Making Life Easier: Digital Moodboards

If, like us, you’re in the creative industry but don’t have time to make traditional moodboards anymore (sigh) because let’s be honest, who really has the time to cut and stick a load of fashion mags onto cardboard? Who even has cardboard? Not us. Enter Google Drawings; A program that allows you to make up digital moodboards using pins, images, pretty much anything you have saved on your computer, saving you time, money and, well, the environment. So yeah, win win all round.

Take an hour and save your moodboard, whether it’s for a project, research or just general cool shit, save as your background and be inspired for the month!

Here’s what we’re vibing for May at MGHQ:

Missguided May Moodboard

Clockwise from the left 

Sneak peek at our FEMINIST box tee dropping in May which, in case you’ve been under a rock all year, is kind of having a moment // BABE POWER, our debut fragrance and scent for the summer (plus we just want the can on our desks because!) // Taking inspo from Zoe’s ears, well ear cuffs to be exact, more is more when it comes to this // Diving into our swim shoot, shot in the dreamy LA sunshine by MG babe Allie Layus // Selena has had the spring chop and I’ve already booked my hairdresser appointment // Kate with pink hair and glitter eyebrows = festival beauty sorted // Sahara Ray in Missguided. Enough said.

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