How to nail video interviews – Advice from the experts

Whilst people have been adjusting to working from home, others have been on the job hunt. Covid has lead to lots of people losing their jobs, moving roles or put on furlough. If you have sent out hundreds of applications and you have finally heard back from your dream company, follow our tips on how to nail your video interview..

As scary as face-to-face interviews are, at least we know what to expect, a video interview is something completely new to a lot of people. We chatted to David, the Missguided Talent Acquisition Lead, to find out his advice.

Video interviews- Dos and Don’ts

David Smith works on the Missguided Talent Team and he is an expert when it comes to interviews, CVs and finding the right person for the job. Read his advice below…

  • Definitely treat it like a normal interview, as we will
  • Check your surroundings and what will be on camera when the interview starts, if you need to blur the background then do so
  • Try to find a quiet place in the flat/house (appreciate its hard in lockdown!) but you don’t want distractions
  • Conversation is a little harder over video but try not to talk over people as the video audio will cut out the other person
  • Check the angle of the camera, we want to see you not the ceiling
  • Don’t panic if you have some technical difficulties, this is new to all of us
  • Try to enjoy it, we want to get to know you not a robot

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What to wear for a video interview?

If you’re wondering what to wear for a video interview, we got you covered. Dressing up to sit in front of a camera in your bedroom can feel weird, so try and go for a smart casual outfit, to ensure you feel comfortable. Opt for a t-shirt and blazer with trousers or a cute blouse. If you feel confident in yourself, you are way more likely to smash that interview. Get a little outfit inspo below.