Inside Missguided- Aqeel

Inside Missguided is the new 4 part documentary series that will be hitting your screens on Wednesday 12th August at 10pm. The show takes an unfiltered look behind the scenes at one of the world’s biggest fast fashion brands. We opened the doors to a camera crew, to show them what really goes into our every day roles. From fashion design to collaborations, there’s an insight into the whole business. We chatted to cast member and our Supply Chain Bureau Manager, Aqeel to find out more.

Q+A with Aqueel

Aqeel Mushtaq



Job title:
Supply Chain Bureau Manager

Aqeel Q+A

How long have you been at Missguided?

Since the beginning – since 2008 with a one year gap inbetween

Where did you previously work and how did you land the role at MG?

I worked as an stock controller – warehouse operative etc – Nitin knew one of my very good friends and through him I landed in the safe heaven of Missguided πŸ˜Š

What is a day in the life like for you at work?

Crazy most of the time but absolutely love every single minute of it. 

Favourite part of the job?

Sample sale πŸ˜Š Only Joking – Forecasting. 

What was the trickiest project you’ve worked on and why?

Manage the stocktake – A lot of challenges and full of manual work – it was stressful. Also when we launched the Nicole range and I was working in the company as a Goods In Manager and the last minute deliveries were quite challenging a it was the most biggest launch we did at the time. 

I have stayed over night at work couple of times and did approx 200 + hours in a month once. Nitin was about to block my site access!

“I have stayed over night at work couple of times and did approx 200 + hours in a month once. Nitin was about to block my site access!”


What keeps you motivated?

My team – we are just like a family – we support each other – Also obviously Nitin – his energy level, passion and attention to detail is the absolute driving force of this company.

What is your favourite Missguided Campaign and why?

I’ve loved all the campaigns because I know how much work goes into them. Hats of to our marketing and campaign team. Treasure is amazing and I honestly don’t know where she gets all this energy from. I’m a big fan of Eleanore, she has such big ideas and her approach & attention to detail is amazing. 

Catch Aqeel on Inside Missguided Channel 4

You can find out more about Aqeel and his role on the new Missguided documentary. Tune in at 10pm on Channel 4 or binge watch the whole series on All4.