Inside Missguided- Our most epic campaigns to date

If you have been watching Inside Missguided documentary on Channel 4, you’ll have followed the team behind the scenes of some cool campaigns such as LOVETHYSELF and Missguided Ski. We thought we would take a look back at some of our biggest and most disruptive campaigns to date.

From throwing parties with comedian and self-love guru, The Fat Jew, to going on a BIG night out with OAP style icon Baddie Winkle, Missguided know how to one-up the rest. Scroll down to take a look at the finished results from some of our favourite campaigns to date.

Pamborghini (2016)

If you haven’t already caught up with episode 2 of Inside Missguided, you may have heard recferences to our most successful guerilla marketing campaign yet, The Pamborghini. The £300k Lambo was wrapped in a pink Missguided design with none other than the original Babe, Pamela Anderson on the bonnet. 

We wanted to pay homage to the iconic Hollywood hot-girl, because she is one of the icons that paved the way for our influencers today. The campaign racked up over 25 million shares on social media.

Pamborghini Missguided campaign
Pamborghini Missguided campaign

Baddie Winkle (2016)

At Missguided, we want our customers to know that feeling amazing isn’t just about WHAT you wear, but how you wear it. If you take your selfies with enough confidence and self-love, you’re always gonna look fire. Our 2016 Christmas campaign with Baddie Winkle proved just that. The fashion icon and great grandma, is now 92 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing whatever the f*ck she wants and feeling good doing it. That is what we are all about. We took Baddie to a Soho nightclub and channelled her fearless attitude into our TV advert.

Missbrided- Vegas (2016)

We can’t round up our favourite campaigns without an honourable mention to Babes On The Run. We flew out to Las Vegas with a team of hot models and our founder and CEO Nitin Passi. The team created a campaign that mirrored a shotgun wedding, drunken nights and long days spent driving through the desert. Need we say more? Watch the campaign video below. (Oh and did you spot who was playing Elvis by any chance?).

The Fat Jewish (2019)

At Missguided, we are advocates of confidence, feeling good about your body and self- love. That’s why in 2019, teamed up with comedian and self-loving legend, The Fat Jewish. Josh Ostrovsky is known for his funny insta posts, where is is fearlessly himself (and often nearly naked). We created a campaign called “The Ultimate Guide to Confidence”. The male plus size model and comedian isn’t afraid to strip down and shout about what he loves (even if that is himself). We threw a HUGE party for him and loads of our hottest and most-confident models.


If you have been watching the Missguided TV Documentary, you probs saw footage behind the scenes of our LOVETHYSELF campaign. We wanted to make a film of empowered women dancing, having fun and being unapologetically themselves. They stripped down to their bra and panties and danced. They showed everyone that is is sexy to not give a f*ck what people think and love every part of your body.

Catch more on Inside Missguided

If you wanna see what it is really like to go on set and shoot campaigns with the Missguided team, make sure to catch up on the Missguided TV documentary, available to binge on All4.