Inside Missguided Documentary: Episode 3

Didn’t manage to catch last night’s episode of Inside Missguided on Channel 4? Here’s what you missed! Episode 3 aired on Wednesday 26th August and featured our buyers choosing the Christmas party line, a look inside our Leicester factories, a photo shoot in Paris and the monthly staff sample sale.

Inside Missguided Episode 3

If you have missed any episodes, or would like to watch the fourth and final episode straight away, make sure you head over to ALL4, where the whole series is available to watch now.

Choosing the Party range

The Missguided buyers were tasked with coming up with the dresses party range. So whether you were looking for a dress for your work Christmas do or eyeing up a co ord for NYE, the girls have got you covered. It wasn’t all plain sailing, newbie Lauren Bodie was tasked on presenting her collection to Nitin and it’s safe to say, she was nervous.

Missguided Leicester factories

Epsisode 3 of Inside Missguided followed our Coporate Responsibility Manager, Ashish, as he did his ruthless routine checks for new suppliers. He left every stone unturned, inspecting countless stacks of paperwork, grilling the factory owner and ensuring that the working environments were safe and up to scratch.

Paris photo shoot

Once the buying team had selected the final product for the Party range, it was up to Treasure and the creative team to fly to a mansion in Paris and make an advert that showed off the range to its full potential. The ad had a concept of ‘party amnesia’ and followed snippets of the ultimate cool-girl group on a night out. Watch the finished ad below.

Staff sample sale

This is probably our favourite day of the month. On episode three, the show explores one of the most chaotic events in the HQ calendar. To prevent waste, all of our product samples are sold to staff at heavily discounted prices. Beware, the Missguided staff are never more brutal than at a sample sale.