Inside Missguided Documentary- Nitin Passi – CEO & Founder

Since the first episode of Inside Missguided aired on Channel 4 last week, we know you’ve been dying to find out more about our CEO and founder Nitin Passi. We caught up with him to talk about his favourite campaigns, being on camera and the struggles Missguided faced in 2018.

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(L-R) Victoria, Nitin, Eleanore, Treasure, Cassie, Zee.

Q+A with Missguided CEO & Founder Nitin Passi

Nitin Passi


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Nitin Passi Missguided CEO

At what moment did you realise that Missguided was a success?

There hasn’t been any particular time that has made me sit back and think Missguided is a big success. There is still so much to do so I don’t want to feel comfortable.

My first “pinch-me” moment was while we were shooting the first campaign with Nicole Scherzinger in 2014 in LA. I remember thinking this is pretty surreal!

What campaign has been your favourite and why?

Too many to choose from but I would say the Missbrided campaign we shot in Las Vegas because I got to make a cameo as Elvis and get some people married.  The Get on the Naughty List campaign we shot with Baddie Winkle was great too – because she was so cool to be around and I loved how that campaign looked.

Missbrided Vegas Campaign: Babes on the run

What does a day in the office look like for you?

My role is so varied that there isn’t one day that looks like the last. There is some loose structure to the week, i.e we deep dive into trading on a Monday but besides that it is very diverse and I love it like that.

What is your favourite part of the Manchester HQ office & why?

The environment is great – other people call our office the Google office of the North, but aside from the selfie tunnels, sleeping pods and cool meeting rooms, the best part is actually the people there. We’re fortunate to have a really passionate workforce that loves what they do and has lots of fun doing it (for the most part!).

“We’re fortunate to have a really passionate workforce that loves what they do and has lots of fun doing it (for the most part!)”

Nitin Passi

Why did you want to make the Inside Missguided documentary?

You know, what we’ve turned down literally hundreds of other requests over the years.  But when we were approached by Pulse Films on behalf of Channel 4 I decided, after some careful consideration, to go for it.

I’m proud of what we’ve built at Missguided and I thought it was time that story was told.

It’s important we keep our brand awareness high but where I think the story we have to tell is interesting to a lot of people, I also thought it would just be a fun thing to do for all of us. After all, it’s not everyday you get to be on a TV show!

Why was 2018 so tough, and what have you learned from it?

One thing you quickly discover as an entrepreneur, is that the road to success is rarely a straight line. Up until 2018, we’d had a stellar rise but like most new businesses, after a rapid rise we made some mistakes and lost money.

The truth is we grew too fast, didn’t really have the right disciplines, a business our size should have had and what’s more by bringing in people from the outside, I lost a little control.

It was tough, but I learnt from that experience and it’s made Missguided a much better and more resilient business.

Over the two years we’ve transformed the way we work and got the business back into growth and profitability. 

We’re now rebooted, re-focused and re-energised. Missguided today is stronger and smarter.

You can read more about this in Nitin’s interview with Drapers Magazine.

“We’re now rebooted, re-focused and re-energised. Missguided today is stronger and smarter.”

Nitin Passi- Missguided CEO

How did you find working around a camera crew?

Have you seen me on the show? I hated it! It got easier as time went on and I was fine with them filming me in meetings but when I was 1-1 with the camera there were a million places I would have rather been.

Which moment featured in the show are you most proud of?

Seeing the passion from our employees, how much they love what they do and how much they care about the company made me really proud to watch. Even though the workforce is growing it still feels like a family business where everyone is collaborative and working towards one common goal.

Catch Nitin on Inside Missguided

If you wanna see Nitin in action, make sure you tune into Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester. Starts Wednesdays at 10pm on Channel 4 or catch the series in full on All4.