Inside Missguided Documentary -Episode 2

Didn’t get chance to watch last night’s episode of Inside Missguided on Channel 4? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you missed.

Episode 2 aired on Wednesday 19th August and featured the iconic Missguded Rolls Royce, a working holiday to Ibiza to get inspiration on new bikinis, the empowerment LOVETHYSELF shoot, a trip to Paris and THE REAL GC.

Yeah that’s a lot to fit into one episode, but the Missguided team never stop.

Inside Missguided Gemma Collins

We decided to get involved with London fashion week in the most Missguided way possible. We teamed up with the real GC to disrupt the event. Driving around London in a bright pink Rolls Royce, we handed out gift bags to fans, posed for photos and got everyone talking on social media.

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Ibiza Inspo trip

When you think of ‘perks of the job’ a trip to Ibiza is a whole new level, but Natalie, Shelley and Rohini weren’t there to party, they were on an inspo searching trip. They scouted Wi Ki Woo hotel to find all the hottest fits for next year’s collections. We got a few insider photos from their night away.

Ibiza Inside Missguided episdode 2
Rohini and Shelley in Ibiza
Natalie Ibiza


Treasure and Eleanore took on the task of filming one of our most empowering campaign yet. LOVETHYSELF was shot in London with a group of 9 influencers that were determined to break down stigmas around the female body. They stripped down to their underwear and dared to bare all to the world. Take a look at the finished campaign video below.

Paris shoot

As if the team weren’t busy enough, Eleanore and Treasure flew to Paris to shoot the Christmas party campaign. Christmas is one of our biggest times for sales, so it was key they got it right. They created a ‘party amnesia’ style ad, that portrayed the craziest girls’ night out. Take a look at the finished version below.

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