Inside Missguided- We’re in the press

If you have been watching the Channel 4 documentary, Inside Missguided, you’ve probably noticed that we have made the headlines. As you can imagine we are obsessed with what the press have to say, as well as what you guys are talking on on Twitter and Instagram.

Whether you have been joining in competitions or chatting about our Senior Creative Campaign manager, Treasure, we love it when you guys get involved.

We’ve scoured through the press clippings and reviews to find our fave moments and quotes. Take a look below and click through to read the full articles.

Inside Missguided Stephanie
(L-R) Nitin, Glenn, Robin, Steph.

Inside Missguided- What have the press been saying?

Take a look at quotes from different publications and click through to read them in full!

If it’s a test of a good documentary series that it takes us deep into an unknown, even unimaginable world, then Inside Missguded: Made in Manchester passes with flying colours.


The show (produced by Pulse Films) is slickly filmed and has a reality TV feel, with talking heads edited in alongside day-to-day footage, which is heavy on the poppy aesthetics of the brand and its Manchester head office


Filled with fun, fashion, lots of female empowerment and “disruption” – a term heavily used throughout each practice within the company – the four-part series might have you dusting off the ol’ CV and sending it off to CEO Nitin Passi for a job.

Radio Times

Inside Missguided was huge fun. The team, “229 bad-ass bitches”, buzzed with energy and it was refreshing to see a company making such an impact with neither a boardroom or a grey suit in sight. The few men in the office were used mostly as babysitters.


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