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Need something new to watch? We got you covered. Inside Missguided is the 4-part Channel 4 documentary series, airing at 10pm Wednesday 12th August. The show takes a look behind the scenes of everything we get up to in our Manchester HQ. From staff parties to product design, you will get a full insight into our every day lives. The Missguided documentary will also be available to binge watch on All4. We caught up with Missguided designer, cast member and star of the show Rohini Sood to find out more about her job and her experience on camera.

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Q+A with Rohini

Rohini Sood



Job title:

How long have you been at Missguided? 

5 years!

Where did you previously work and how did you land the role at MG? 

I came fresh out of Uni, I did work at Missguided for about 2 summers before. I was a design assistant to the design manager at the time and learned so much, it’s so different being a creative at ini and then in the real world! The day after I graduated I remember Nitin calling me and offering me the job… naturally I screeched and said YES!

What is a day in the life like for you at work? 

Most days start with a coffee and a design meeting (aka the daily debrief haha!) after this I can’t say that any 2 days are the same! Checking emails in the morning is always on the top of my list as the Far East tend to reply at all hours in the night with the time difference. Next is downloading inspo from my phone to my laptop to work from… this could be from Instagram, style websites or pictures I’ve taken. My camera roll seems to be constantly full of inspiration photos!

Next, there is some sort of meeting to go to or prep for, this could be a sign off where we show our range to management or  a seasonal planning meeting where as a team we sit and go through key items, new ideas and must have’s for upcoming ranges.

How did you find being on camera? 

At the start it was so bizarre, being hooked up to a microphone and having a camera in your face while doing your job is so not normal haha! After a few weeks though it felt a little bit more natural and less awkward?! I can’t say the same for watching it back though, does anyone like hearing their own voice?!?!

What’s your favourite part of the job? 

This is literally SO cliché but just working with all my friends, we have THE most fun!! Also getting to work in the same office as Nitin (he is my cousin so not in a weird way haha) it’s really nice to work with family 😊

What keeps you motivated? 

Working in a creative office with people who all have the same sort of ideas is super motivating, there is always so much going on and new projects being briefed that you have no time to be unmotivated! There is always something exciting coming up!

“There is always so much going on and new projects being briefed that you have no time to be unmotivated!”


What is your favourite Missguided Campaign and why? 

It’s got to be 100% the LOVE THY SELF campaign! I think it was so empowering to see all different shaped and sized girls coming together to create such a powerful movement, everything Missguided stands for!. Plus… very exciting that I had designed the lingerie they were wearing on the campaign video!

You can see Rohini’s designs in the video

Catch Rohini on Inside Missguided

Make sure you watch Inside Missguided to catch Rohini in action. Find out more about the Missguided documentary and other cast members here.