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In case you missed it, we are on TV. The Channel 4 documentary, Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester, takes a look behind the scenes of our Salford HQ. The 4-part series follows the the highs and lows of everything we do at Missguided HQ. From the design and production of clothes, to flashy staff parties and a few photoshoots thrown in there too. One of the team members featured in the show is our Senior Product Technologist, Stephanie. We chatted to her to find out more about her role and experience on the show.

Inside Missguided Stephanie
(L-R) Nitin, Glenn, Robin, Steph.

Find out more about Stephanie

Steph Bridle (also answers to Pam) 

32 years young 

Born in Manchester, now live in Cheshire

Job title:
Senior Product Technologist

Stephanie inside missguided

How long have you been at Missguided?

3 years 10 months

Where did you previously work?

Previously worked at Boohoo. A friend and old manager referred me for a product technologist position. I jumped at the chance to work with her again, and to finally get in at Missguided. 

What is a day in the life like for you at work?

No two days are the same for me. I have a team of 2 other techs working with me on the Sizes team, so I make sure all is ok with them and support where needed, training with my assistant tech Jamie, who has only been with us 8 months. 

I have a lot of emails daily, checking production queries and reviewing size specifications for plus size product in line with our standard measures/fit for a size 16.  I will fit product once or twice a week, on mannequins and cross fitting on our model, making sure our products are fitting to the right size, and the design/styling is as it should be intended.

Then I will measure and write up the specifications for the supplier, sending them technical workbooks with images and instructions on how to amend the garment. This is a time sensitive job as the supplier can’t start to make the garment without our approval. We have to react quickly and are sometimes asked to fit and send comments in the same day in order to achieve the quick turnaround.

How did you find being on camera?

It was a very surreal experience. I never thought I would end up on this documentary when it was first mentioned to the office. I didn’t think I was TV worthy at all compared to some of the more interesting roles and personalities working at Missguided. I just geek out over what I do and can chat all day long about it!

“I didn’t think I was TV-worthy compared to some of the interesting roles & personalities working at Missguided. I just geek out over what I do and can chat all day long about it”


What’s your favourite part of the job?  

Fitting – Problem solving!  For me every garment is a puzzle, and in fits I have to work out how to make it right (fit, design, styling, quality balance). The satisfaction of seeing the end result makes it all worth it. 

What keeps you motivated?  

I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I will always want to make the best out of something, even with a simple fitting garment to a complex new trend or design we need to try and make look right AND fit right.  There are constantly new trends coming through from design so this is always motivating for me.

What was the trickiest project you’ve worked on and why?

Last year (2019) I was tasked with a project where we would use the measurement specifications from our main range (size 8) to convert to plus size without seeing a fit sample.  This is not uncommon in fast fashion, but it would require me to ‘let go’ of control over the fit of these styles. This was very tricky for me as I am a control freak for one haha, but also as I had to trust in the fit of others.

It turned out to be a majority success and we now work this way on a lot of our plus products, helping with speed and consistency. I’ve learned how to amend without seeing a fit sample (which would delay delivery), and I now have better working relationships with a lot of our suppliers which helps in my day to day job. 

What is your favourite Missguided Campaign?

It has to by #LOVETHYSELF. I just love the concept! And the advert was BAD ASS!!!  To have so many awesome, empowering women together in our campaign was inspiring for me. I’m all for body positivity, in EVERYBODY. 

Catch Stephanie on Inside Missguided

If you wanna see Stephanie in action, make sure you tune into Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester. Starts Wednesday 12th August on Channel 4 or catch the series in full on All4.