Inside Missguided: Treasure & Eleanore best moments

If you have been watching the Missguided TV documentary on Channel 4, you’ll have noticed that our company is run by a team of empowered and fearless women. From buying to design, creative to marketing, the babes behind Missguided run a tight ship.

Judging by the countless tweets and insta stories we have seen around the show, you guys are LOVING our Senior Creative Manager, Treasure and Head of Brand, Eleanore.

We’ve taken some of our favourite moments from the documentary to give you some insight on how hard these creative babes really work and the amazing results behind their long hours.

Treasure and Eleanore, Missguided

Treasure Evans

Treasure joined the company almost five years ago.  Her day to day role varies hugely, from brainstorming shoot concepts and PR hooks, to directing, editing and searching for the right models.

You can read a full Q+A with Treasure here or tune into the Missguided documentary to see her in action.

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Eleanore Chetcuti

Eleanore is our head of brand and has worked her way up from Blogger Outreach Assistant over the space of six years. She heads up the social media, creative, influencer and PR teams. She works across all four teams to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. One day she could be working on a TV ad, the next working a deal with our next celebrity.

You can read our full Q+A with Eleanore here.

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Catch Treasure & Eleanore on Inside Missguided

If you wanna see more of Treasure & Eleanore in action, then tune into Inside Missguided on Wednesdays, Channel 4. Follow them on countless photo shoots, negotiating brand deals and injecting positive vibes into our Manchester HQ. If you fancy bingewatching the whole series at once, then watch the Missguided documentary in full on ALL4 now.