Career profile: Stylist, Mikiel Benyamin

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05 Jun, 2017

If like us, you’ve been obsessing over Keke Palmer and Cardi B’s wardrobe this year then it’s time to meet the man behind both babe’s new approach to dressing. Enter stylist Mikiel “Maikeeb” Benyamin.

mikiel benyamin

At just 22, you’re already killing it in the stylist world. Tell us how you got to where you are now…

I started to work in the fashion industry when I was 20 years old and I knew I wanted to be a stylist for the stars. I always knew that’s where I belonged, so to be here I am very grateful for the opportunities that come my way and the clients that I work with. When I first started I interned and assisted for so many stylists and publications until I really learned how to style on my own and how to pull on my own.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to get into styling?

Never say not o anything, just never say no. Most of the time assisting jobs or styling jobs will get confirmed so last minute that it will leave you close to no time to do your job but you have to get it done. If you say no, it closes doors to future opportunities, that’s just how this industry works.

cardi mikiel

You recently styled the cover of Cardi B’s new album, how did you and Cardi start working together?

Cardi is amazing, I’ve loved what she does and what she stands for for so long since she started. I connected with Cardi’s team and when the album artwork project came up it was a perfect start for us to work together!

Describe Cardi’s style in three words…

Effortless, bold, and boujiee

Keke Palmer has been a game changer for you, what’s your favorite part of styling Keke?

Working with Keke is so much fun, I would say a favorite part for me would be when we decide on the outfits for the exact press she’s doing. That makes me happy when we finally decide on the certain look and I could add jewels and extras to it.

keke mikiel benyamin

What has been your proudest style moment with Keke?

I loved the Watch What Happens Live outfit and the infamous Leonardo DiCaprio chaps outfit.

With summer coming up, what would you say our Missguided girl needs in her wardrobe?
I picked the buckle mini skirt because this is one of the most popular looks right now, you can pair this with a black bodysuit or satin top and take this look from day to night with a fur jacket.

Every Missguided girl needs this hoodie because face it we all love a good graphic for any outfit, daytime or night time. I would wear this with leather jeans and a good bootie.

leather skirt white cropped hoodie

What are you most excited about for 2017?

I’m excited to do more, excited to see what new clients I can premiere fashion on. Excited for more moments for both Cardi and Keke to break the internet with.

Wanna know more?  Follow Mikiel on Insta @maikeeb_kills