Attention all babes! We’re looking for our #babesofmissguided.

Following on from our recent #KEEPONBEINGYOU campaign, we aim to inspire babes to love themselves and to embrace their flaws. We recently cooked up a storm on social media when we took it upon ourselves to pledge to never retouch our models’ imperfections because, let’s face it, why should we take an airbrush tool to remove the realness? Why should we create a perception that everybody should strive for perfect, smooth, flawless skin? It’s not real and it’s not the Missguided way of doing things.

We want all of our babes to #KEEPONBEINGYOU. So if you haven’t heard of #babesofmissguided, then listen up!

Have you recently bought a fire outfit you want to show off to the world? Or do you just want to update your insta feed with a selfie or two? If you’re wearing Missguided, tag your photo with #babesofmissguided. We update our weekly #babesofmissguided round-up on the blog so, chances are, you could be seeing your shot on the screen anytime soon.

Celebrate the female form like no other.

Get snappin’.

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