Keep on being you… the results

We launched our Keep on Being You campaign in November and had such an amazing response.

We’ve always made it our mission to listen to what our babes have to say, and with over 1,000 of you all taking part in our Keep on Being You survey, we found out what you felt about the new campaign and being confident. Read on for the results…

keep on being you

We asked our #babesofmissguided whether you felt comfortable in being yourselves, and over 78% of you said you did, which is amazing!

And for those who weren’t feeling 100% confident, over 3/4 said that the Keep on Being You squad in our campaign, inspired you to be yourselves.

We asked you what makes you feel more confident, most of the responses said that it was important to not feel judged, achieve your goals and be given support from family and friends. 

sean miley moore

Out of the whole of the UK, the North East were the most comfortable, 8% more than the rest of the country!

 36% of MG girls who answered “I’m always confident” were 25-30 years old.

AND, for those happiest being yourselves, nearly all of you answered that you felt strong, empowered and happy when you saw the Keep on Being You campaign.

missguided keep on being you

So, we listened to what you had to say, and launch #Makeyourmark  – to keep our babe mantra alive and ensure that you all feel f*cking amazing being yourselves! 

Keep on Being You… it’s a really great look! 

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